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My Final Fantasy XIV experience

Before I start, please understand that I don't wish any ill feelings towards the game. This is just from my time playing it, and I'm hoping that any criticism in my post would be constructive towards improving the game. And I suppose this is just me ranting/venting my frustrations, so please bare with me.

Now, I started long before Shadowbringers, some time when Heavensward was being announced, I think. Due to financial issues I had to take a few years off. Now, I have the collector's edition for shadowbringers, mainly because I needed to get all of the expansions. I went through expansion to expansion, waiting to start shadowbringers because I heard so many good things about it.By the time I finished Shadowbringers, I was disappointed, and wondering to myself, "Is this what the hype was all about? Really?" I might be in the minority with this, but as you can tell I didn't enjoy Shadowbringers one bit, mainly due to the media overhyping the expansion. I enjoyed Heavensward's story more, as it hit more for me.

If we were to go towards the gameplay side of things, I'm also disappointed with how unbalanced things are, mainly with the Bard's placement in terms of support or DPS. By the time of the shadowbringers expansion, it seemed fine to me. Now, it doesn't feel like it does enough support or DPS, as it's outclassed by the Machinist for DPS, and the Dancer for support. I don't understand why or how Square believes that the Bard is fine as is. I strongly feel as though they shoehorned the dancer in and simply gave them the bard's support. But where does that leave us? Personally, I think it would be fine if I were to sacrifice a *little* bit of DPS for a bit more support; more songs, maybe, to help with healing output for healers, or maybe a magic boost for Magic DPS. Just something would be better than what we have right now

Rant over, and thank you for letting me vent a little.
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