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The Long Journey of Flames (Part 4)

----------------------------Report Filed For Grand Company: Immortal Flames-----------
Name: Unit V.S.
Date: 3/30/2020 (whatever date it is in game at the moment. I'm bad at this part)
Time: 3:56AM (Pst) - Ongoing

Case File Number: VSS-001
Case Type: Voidsent Sighting
Status Of Case: Open
Level Of Case: Code Not Found for specific case ((Feel free to give me a comment down below on case codes used Irl! I'd love to learn!

Location: Ul'dah, West entrance of quicksand.

Members involved: A group of unspecifications. Seems like adventuerers.

Name of person: Unknown
Age of victim: Unknown
Markings/Wounds: None visible

Name of Voidsent: unknown
Race: Xaelincidents: 1
Markings/General information: unkown

--------------------------------Description of report---------------------------
Ran into a group of adventuers who will remain anonymous. There is said to be a Voidsent sighting in the area flinging Ice spells at people in an attack. They say the Xaela voidsent loved to fight. A suspicion about another group of Voidhunters intervene, who have worked against the orders of the Ul'dahnian "Order of Nald'thal Thamaturgy." The timeframe was about 3:02AM (pst). Suspects were unable to be documented, the area was clear save for a group and a courior.

Subjects and people are advised to report Vidsent sightings and suspicious actions to the Flames, Blades, or other symbols of authority in the immediete vicinity. Reports shoudl be filed with a formatting under anonymous signitures. Be advised of the danger present.

Unit V.S.

((OOC NOTES: You are all free to rply reply to this post! Weither in game, or in comments in report formatting! This is an interactive blog post based upon a real roleplay happening. To learn more, simply message me in game for more information and how you to, can be a part of the investigation squad!))
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