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Kingdom Hearts: Wardens #2

The Wardens are an order of chosen keyblade wielders whom watch over the worlds of the Yggdrasil Galexy. There base of operations is a land bathed in endless light is known as Asgard. There weapons, the fabled Keyblades, were passed down through the ages by the previous guardians of light. Whom in there last efforts to maintain balance, cast there weapons off to be claimed by the chosen, while they fought to destroy the great darkness Ragnorok.
Odin and his companions fell with the great darkness, but also brought forth a balance among the worlds residing in the galexy.

Odin in his ephemeral form would create a new place called Valhalla. Where fallen warriors of great power would reside and become Eidolons capable of being summoned forth into battle once more by those deemed worthy. With his final act to assist the worlds in remaining balance, Odin would stay in Valhalla, becoming an Eidolon himself. He and his chosen warriors would be summoned upon many different worlds and make a difference in the ongoing fights for balance. Though not all was left peaceful in the lands.

In recent days, planets have fallen to darkness. Consumed and torn apart in endless void. The Wardens have been dispatched to find out more of the situation. Upon the dispatch of the current leader Mahdi, searching through the wreckage and remains of a planet which recently was consumed. He came across an unconscious woman, protected by a light barrier made by the Keyblade which claimed her as its new master. With her in tow, he would return to Asgard with hope of some understanding what may have befallen her world.


"Huh!?" I glanced around to see endless darkness reaching toward me as I stood upon a pillar lite up from a stain glass surface. The surface painting was that of myself in a deep slumber, curled up with a leaf covering me as if a blanket. Beautiful though it seemed, I was now curious where I was and why. Massive vines slithered themselves around the ground, meeting in the middle as the bloomed a big flower. Inside lay a key shaped weapon which appeared to be made of wood.

"The light is yours to wield as your weapon. How will you use it?" A mysterious voice asked deep in my mind.

I reached out to grasp the weapon, gently touching my fingertips to the hilt. Upon touch, four aetherial branches appeared as if growing from they weapon. Names appeared under each as Devastation, Protection, Fury and Rejuvenation.

"Rejuvenation?" I asked as the tree lite up and quickly dispersed the other three trees while planting itself within the weapon. The weapon floated itself into my right hand, gently placing itself upon my palm as I place my fingers around it. As I removed the weapon, the flower and vines withered and died.

"Keyblade Master, your time has come. Seek out and destroy the darkness before it consumes all."

Several dark creatures began to appear from the darkness surrounding the pillar.

"Don't be afraid." The voice stated as I tried not to let fear take over. I held the blade up and quickly swung at one creature, dispersing it back to a mere puff of shadowy cloud. The glowing yellow eyes of the rest seemed to watch there ally disappear and began to back away. Before they could remove themselves, I stepped forward and tossed a magic slash through them with what appeared to be a long vine that dispersed back into magic. Removing ten in one quick attack from the weapon.

"You hold the key to -" The voice turned to static before it could finish. The small creatures placed themselves upon the ground as if shadows and quickly combined with each other. A large human like creature forced itself up from the shadows. It's muscles upon its arm were wider then I alone. The creature seemed stuck, only showing its top half while the rest seemed stuck in the ground.

My new weapon held itself out with my hand and transformed itself into a flower tipped staff. I held it with both hands and looked to the large creature aiming it at the head. Its chest had a massive hole shaped like a heart through it. Leaving me little choice where to aim. Before I could do anything, His arm was about to slam into me.

I quickly dodged to the left as his hand smashed into the ground. A pool of darkness spread from his hand, nearly reaching me again. I aimed the staff and quickly released a ray of magic that channeled into it's head. Colored bright yellow as if the sun, it quickly tore through the creatures head. Forcing it to fall back into a puddle of darkness.

The puddle spread through out the platform and suddenly I felt my body sinking into it. I panicked as the weapon returned to its key form and disappeared while the darkness consumed my arms and legs. Struggling forced me to sink faster as the voice filled my mind once more.

“Do not fear” “Do not despair” “Only you can preserve the balance.”

With that, I awoke to blinding light.


“Grrr...” I covered my eyes as the light shined brightly upon my face.

“She’s awake!” An unfamiliar woman’s voice stated near by. I could here her scrambling to her feet to my right. As I finally opened my eyes, I noticed the woman had cat like ears and a tail which resulted in me instinctively falling off the bed I was laying upon.

“Oh dear! Are you okay?!” She asked as she quickly leaned over the bed to check on me. Her ears twitched a bit as she looked upon me with her cat like eyes.

“I told you to leave! We don’t know if she’s ever encountered a Neko yet.” Another woman stated from beside the bed. This one was human, though I still had trouble seeing enough as to the color of her hair.

“She will have to adapt quick. We do not have a lot of time.” The cat woman stated as she pouted slightly with her ears now lowered and her tail moving back and forth.

I felt a breeze upon my back and quickly glanced down to see only the sheet from the bed covering me.

“Eeeep! Where are my clothes?!” I exclaimed, quickly covering myself further as I looked as my eyes finally adjusted to the very bright orange room. The two women were on the left side of the bed where a big window was open and allowing a cool breeze and sun to shine in.

“It’s okay now, we will get you something to cover up. Just get back on the bed for the moment.” The human woman stated as she tapped the cat woman on the shoulder who sighed aloud.

“Fine! I’ll be right back.” She stated with distaste it seemed as she walked outside the room. I remained in the right corner, still far to confused and uncomfortable at my surroundings.

“I’m sorry you awoke to that. It must have been a bit strange. Look, I’m not sure if you remember anything of what happened but it would be of great help if you could-“

I stopped her, holding my head as my skull began to sting upon trying to remember anything.

“Sister.... where is my sister?” I asked as my eyes widened in fear.

“You’re the only one we found. The Keyblade placed a shell around you. It’s light shined brighter the stars surrounding. Mahdi, our leader found you and brought you here to rest. You did not have much covering you before either.”

She stopped talking as she noticed I was in shock.

“I.... don’t remember her name.... why don’t I remember her name?! What’s wrong with me?!” I asked in horror as I struggled to recall my own twin sisters name. It seemed to be at the tip of my tongue. Though nothing came to mind leaving me horrified at myself.

“Rest your mind, don’t be bothered by it right now. You will figure everything out in time. Just relax now”
The woman stated to me as I began to stagger around the room. My mind now focused upon the face of my sister. Her glowing green eyes and hair with hair tips glowing as if cinder.

“Where are you....” I asked, as the room seemed to fall around me. I fell to the ground looking up at the ceiling for a long moment before finally feeling like everything balanced out.

“I found some robes! They’re from our stocks and-“ the cat woman ran in, stopping her speech as she noticed me laying upon the floor and now starring up at her.

“So..... you okay?” She asked as she knelt beside my head, placing her tail upon my forehead.

“I’m Drizelda, everyone just calls me Drizzy for short. That over there next to the window is Autumn. She’s very nice... often and you are?” She asked as she tapped the tip of her tail on my forehead and quickly placed the robe upon me.

“Cetra. I remember my name is Cetra....”

“Good start, let’s not worry about your memories for now and go make some yes? You should meet everyone else and get some food in you. Everything will be better in time... okay?”

I nodded up at her, quickly covering myself in a white robe with red frillies. My orange hair seemed to shine through the hood as I pulled it up.

“Looks good. We should probably go shopping for clothes while we are at it right Autumn?” I glanced for the human woman whom held her right arm as she kept her eyes on me.

“Definitely a must.”
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Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

Great read Esper :)

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Great read Esper

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

<3<3 loves yus yus

Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

Great read.

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

Ty yus yus!

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

amazing esper! as usual!
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