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Celestia Week 8

Greetings and salutations!

What a week, am I right? Well, while I will be talking about Death Unto Dawn, I still got some Celestia community stuff to talk about first!

We had a packed Saturday again, since we had Treasure Maps, Chocobo Racing, and Extreme Trial Farming! Maps were pretty much a bust for me, as usual, but one of our party members got five Shifts in a row! We had five chests! Well, he had five chests, anyhow. I lost Chocobo Racing pretty hard. I couldn't remember what skill my racing Chocobo had, and I just popped them all right away. Well, one of the skills was Sprint, so my Chocobo peeled ahead really far! And then was exhausted for the rest of the race until we came in last. Oops! Extreme Trial Farming may or may not have happened. I don't remember. But I did go farm Innocence Extreme on my own time after that scheduled time, and got the Gwiber from it! I'm now three out of seven on the Gwibers! Half way to the Landerwaffe mecha dragon mount.

Sunday was pretty quiet, and the servers shut down Monday evening for update. I should have gone to bed, but didn't. The resulting half awake binge session screwed my sleep schedule until today.

The spoilers start from here on, so if you want to not be spoiled, pull out now! I'm spoiling basically everything except for Firmament stuff.

The comedy sketches stood out to me the most during Death Unto Dawn. Estinien mistaking Alisaie for Alphinaud was funny. Her explosion in response, and enduring spite for Estinien for the rest of Death Unto Dawn was so funny. Turns out, G'raha Tia has more than one person he fanboys for! The way his eyes lit up when he realized he was talking to "Estinien, the Azure Dragoon, Hero of the Dragonsong War!" was hilarious! Estinien's impatience with Allagan technology was amusing too. Seems like the kind of guy who you'd argue with that kicking the computer won't make it work, but then he kicks the computer, then smirks at you smugly when it works. Now, for the serious bits. The foreshadowing that the half-Garlean echo guy was likely gonna die at Palgth'an was so blunt and on the nose. In addition, an unnecessary amount of time was spent between Alphinaud and the guy, who's name I can't even remember, like they had extensive history. They didn't and they haven't. I suppose that this is being used as the motivator for Alphinaud to finally pick up an advanced Healing job. Guess he is the only one besides Ryne to have not picked up and advanced job yet. His current job, Academician, is basically just heal-specced Arcanist. Remember when you had to pick whether you put your sub stats in Mind or Intelligence as an Arcanist back in 2.0 every time you leveled up? Anyways, the foreshadowing led to half-Garlean echo guy being critically wounded, and being bed-ridden at Ul'dah's Phrontistery. No surprise. Estinien officially joins the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and I guess Fordola is gonna be our new silent, angry, and distant protagonist friend.

Palgth'an was actually a fun dungeon! Kinda pretty too. Tiamat came through and actually helped out for a couple monster packs. Lunar Bahamut being a dungeon boss was pretty chump though. Went down like a weakling. I get Tiamat weakened him for us, but you know, felt weak. The Lunar Odin, Ravana, and Ifrit didn't get fought here, so I guess they show up in 5.55. Same with Alphinaud being upset at his failure to save a Garlean soldier in the trailer.

Sorrow of Werlyt! Vallens was a dick, again. Installed Alphonse's mind as the Oversoul for the Diamond Weapon in place of Zenos. Thank goodness! I didn't need Zenos battle number eight! Allie accidentally activated the Overmind mode right away and went rampant. So, we go in the newly revamped G-Savior with Full Vernier to go capture the Diamond Weapon! Also, Cid reveals a second G-Savior with red lighting! I knew a red G-Warrior would come eventually, just wasn't sure how. And I also thought it would be piloted by Nero. But nope! No Nero in Sorrow of Werlyt, to my disappointment. Well, not completely true. He shows up later on as a memory. Anyways, we capture the Diamond Weapon, and save Allie, but she's catatonic from the realization that her last brother was dead. Vallens shows up to flaunt that he can beat Gaius because he watched MTQCapture's guide to beating him, then Gaius beats his ass anyways. Then, oh so satisfying! Alphonse, whose soul still inhabited the Diamond Weapon, reactivates and grabs Vallens before popping him like a balloon! Quite literally. Then sadly, Alphonse had Gaius execute him, as he didn't want to go on living as the Diamond Weapon. I cried here. The data core Gaius retrieved from the Diamond Weapon was used to resuscitate Allie from her catatonic state.

The Cloud Deck is a fun Trial. The Verniers being used as platforms was neat, though I'm not quite sure why we were fighting personally when we had two heavily equipped G-Saviors on site, but whatever. Would've figured we'd have to run to hit some pressure plates so the G-Saviors would fire missiles at the Diamond Weapon to stop some mechanic or something, but I'm still okay with what we got.

Helped out Celestia's Leader with getting our estate's new Forge structure completed, and it's really cool! First of it's kind that I think I've ever seen. Actually accessible balcony and everything! I'll definitely have to ask Celestia to help me out with getting one for myself when I finally buy a house of my own.

There was a new NieR raid. I don't even care to go check what it's called. Again, I get that all the NieR fans will love their slew of references, etcetera etcetera. But for me, this raid was not impressive. No interesting scenery whatsoever. Just a slate of white anywhere you look. The boss fights admittedly use a couple fresh mechanics, but nothing that really makes it spicy. I think it's valuable for the coin and gear, but I don't want to run. That being said, I will, because I need gear.

The Cloud Deck (Extreme) was a blast! The stripped mode got even scarier with the bits, and the lack of marked area of effects and paths made me have to start watching the Diamond Weapon's physical tells for positioning. But that was quick enough to get down. It's really the Flood Ray attack that threw me off. I had never seen anything like it, but I guess some people saw it previously with Alexander, so they always call it "LC" in Party Finder. I was asking them what that was supposed to mean, and they just replied "Limit Cut" like I was supposed to know what that meant. A teammate and I had to grill him on what Limit Cut was supposed to be, cause we couldn't find it in Diamond Weapon's ability list anywhere. I did about seven hours of progression runs in the Party Finder before finally grouping up with the Celestia leader's raid static, King's Guard, for us all to get a clear knocked out in two hours, and then a couple extra kills after. So awesome! Got my G-Warrior card. Just need some weapons, the Gwiber, the card, and a couple materials from the fight now.

We did a couple hours of teaching the new extreme for a few of our members today. We got them to see all mechanics tonight, at least, but no clears.

I've been invited to potentially join a raid static! I'll have to prove my mettle first, and they want me to be on Astrologian, so that's what I'll be doing. Fine with me, since I want to main a Shield Healer in the next expansion anyways. I'm not sure I'll be able to meet their expectations of rapidly learning the three fights they've done back-to-back, but I'll try. They seem to have faith I will, for some reason.

I got my second Moderna Covid-19 shot yesterday. I woke up today feeling super sore, and got a headache now. These were the same symptoms I started with when I got my last shot, so I'm expecting to get ill with flu-like symptoms again, which I'm sure my boss will be so happy about. I'm getting concerned about my job security, even if I'm getting some work done from home.

No work done with Gunpla again, or anything else, really. Patch weeks are distracting. And I feel I'm about to get put down by sickness again, so next week might turn out bad for me too.

I don't have a whole lot going next week. Need to farm Extremes for Gwibers, and prepare for the Savages. I hope y'all have been okay, and enjoy!
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