Lohi D'usk

Lame royale

Diabolos (Crystal)

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Everyone froze as they stared at the dust that used to be the pirates. D'lohi reached toward the piles if you could call them that they had a closer resemblance to stains, a stain of a person in great agony.


The Roedygan Shallow Reaver fled. Leaving the cell doors open in the process. The men in the cell notice quickly, calling everyone to join them in escaping. One man grabbed the key that was left in the cell door to open the other cells freeing the other captives.

The cries for escape fell on deaf ears, as D'lohi sat there he could not see beyond the dust stain. The world was blackness all around him, his heart ached at the realization of taking a life burned his very soul.

"It's time to go, okay?"

The words were slow and calming, the daughter he saved was staring at him, in fact, her eyes were all he could see as she was blocking his vision. She loomed over his lap to touch his heart.

"We'll go together."

Her words melted his pain, like a flame to ice the relief made him want to cry. She had saved him from his sorrow the way he saved her. As his resolved return he nodded to the girl, she smiled then grabbed his hand. This caused them great pain but there is only one way they could ease it.

They had to move forward.
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