Louis Lioncourt

Pèlerin du destin

Gilgamesh (Aether)

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Something Strange pt 4

Recovering from my wounds, I made my way to Foundation but when I arrived Count Edmonton was no where to be found, had they silenced him? Upon searching the Manor I came upon old ledgers that suggested that the barrels were coming from the Dravanian Forelands. In haste I made my way to Anyx Trine, upon my arrival hooded men were loading barrels on to several carriages.

What were they up to and where was the substance coming from? These people were mindless drones, who was controlling them? All these question with very few answers. I saw a cave near by created by The Mourn mountains they were coming from inside. I quietly made my way through the rubble of the trine.

Their leader and the congregation were gathered at an old rock like structure as they chanted:

“Arise, Master of Old.
The wind from the west brings tiding,
The fire from the south awaken thy slumbering heart.
The ocean from the east sing thee praise
May the spirit of the North free you from your chains“

Suddenly, an ominous voice filled the cavern.

“Feed my blood to the people so they may worship me!
They have slayed my brother and now I can be free,
Warp thy mind and I shall arise.
Bring me the blood of a hero so I can break the chain of time once again.”

I was sought for my many righteous deeds, it could have been any of the many heroes of Eorzea. I still wondered why me? All I ever want is to be good to those around me and in return receive goodness.
We have lost touch in building true bonds of friendship and with that loss making way for a void of darkness to grow. We need to rekindle the fire of friendship, that begins with treating each other as equals. Was it too late? I think not. I continued to survey the area.

The thick substance was coming from a small spring near the shrine. This was not House Fortemps at all. This was a cult, were they worshiping a new god? Or maybe an old foe long lost in the sands of times.

Lost in my thoughts I became careless of my surroundings now two mages transformed before me into Dragons, I launches my rook at them they slashed at it with their savage claws nearly gauging my eyes. Now a horde of cult members came at me I was outnumbered.

They held me down and dragged me to the alter. They sliced my arm open, drew my blood and anointed it on the rocky alter. A blinding light flashed before our eyes and the rock was now a Towering dragon 🐉. It had red eyes glowing like embers, it’s sharp fang longer than any human blade. It was covered in tough scaly yellow skin! I now realized who this was from scholarly text. It was Fafnir! His greed for power proceeded him just like his brother Nidhogg.

I quickly summoned my companion Exarch! He broke me free....



MCH Det.

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