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Gilgamesh (Aether)

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Something Strange Pt 2

The Whitebrim Front was as usual the knights scurried back and forth to contain the threats of the Coerthean region. I began by questioning the inmates to determine how much information I could use to unravel the mystery that awaited.

Instead only to discover folk tales, and myths of the secrete cabal of house Fortemps. Stories that were already in circulation but nothing of substance. In my desperate attempt I took a bit of rest, when I noticed a youth Patrick unloading several Barrels a hefty stock for the few knights of the front.

In order as not to startle him I quietly positioned myself at an angle where I could try to inspect the possible contents of the many barrels. Patrick was in a hurried state unloading barrels at an impressive speed. Beside him was a gilded middle aged man with plume in hand as he made count, strangely he was marking some but not others. In an aggravated state he yelled “Hurry the shipment must reach the Jewel 💎 in time”.

I had seen enough to warrant further investigation 🔍, I waited til nightfall 🌙 so that I could sneak into the shipment carriage headed for The Pillars market district The Jeweled Crozier, a wealthy district but with questionable transactions mostly rare herbs, exotic animals (minions) and usual faire that has no impact on the wealthfare of the realm 🌍

The shipment 🚚 left in the late evening, it was very easy to go unnoticed as The Whitebrim Front is not populated by common citizens 👨, I quickly began inspecting the barrels many filled with common grains and wine, but towards the back a few were filled with a thick substance of which I was unfamiliar with, I was safe not to use my hand but instead my knife 🔪 .

When we made an unexpected stop midway, my blood🩸 began pumping was I going to be discovered? I peered through an opening in the carriage lining. Three dark hooded men walked towards the carriage. One spoke in a low but discerning voice “the brotherhood awaits its shipment, may we continue to prepare, your patronage is notice, deliver this to the warden” handing the driver a parchment 📜 , as the other two approached the carriage I prepared for an encounter.


MCH Detective
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