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A break then back into the story.

2 years later and I'm still at it. I took a break from FF14 for about 9 months after a bad dungeon run. Went back to BDO til I was sick of the grind. Then came back. I decided to switch to a DRG to get a better handle on targeting (the thing that really wrecked me in that dungeon) and it worked. I played it until about 55 then switched back to PLD and found my tanking had improved greatly. Both PLD and DRG are at 66 and 65, respectively. I've just finished Heavensward up to version 3.0 and I'm really enjoying the story thus far.
Really lucked out with a new Free Company "Cloud Project VII". Great bunch of people so if you're on Exodus server you should look them up.
Not playing BDO anymore, the grind really burned me out so not heading back there anytime soon.
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