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A Whole New Life, A Whole New Me

Due to personal reasons I decided to transfer servers and ended up from Siren, to Coeurl. It is funny how each server really has it's own atmosphere. I noticed the difference almost immediately. I did find that the que times were much shorter than when I was on Siren, but I'm glad to see that the market board looks to be pretty much the same which I like.

Most people seem to be very friendly but I noticed that when I was in Siren, a lot of weirdness would always go on in Limsa. On Coeurl I noticed that the weirdness takes place in Gridania. It all feels so new since I don't know anyone but that's a good thing. So today I got invited to join a FC. It wasn't a random invite and it was very polite and the owner was very friendly. People were welcoming and I even ran a roulette with some of them.

It was a little scary to switch to a new server where I know no one. I wanted it that way though to remind myself what made this game so much fun to me and I can't wait to see what new adventures await!
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Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

I'm very happy you are having a refreshing new experience with this game. At times we encounter people/experiences/ interactions that either enhance or horribly disrupt the fun we log on for. I wish you the best with your new Experiences Yue, and hope you can have the enjoyment you should be having with those that provide it for you.
Have fun and enjoy yourself and may your new associations be pleasant!

Shiki Misaki-gatito

Coeurl (Crystal)

It's funny because I started out in Gridania as a WHM just today! I chose Coeurl because I hear it's a good server for RP (plus in the same world as Mateus and Balmung). I hope you are able to find your place in your new server and that the FC works out for you. :)
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