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Help A Newbie Out

I've been running a lot of roulettes lately. They are great way to farm tomestones of poetics, great for EXP and I just think they're fun. Depending on how I feel and which ones I'm doing, I'll either run as healer for short que times, or dps especially if I'm doing a trial. What I have noticed lately is while running roulettes there are a lot of new players to the game. New players that really have no idea what they are doing.

I love running with new players. I still remember a time when I was new, didn't even know how to work the chat box and was running around like a clueless whack-a-doo dying all the time and missing every single mechanic. No one would offer to help me and I felt like I was more in the way than helping. So when I see it's someone's first time I have no problem taking it slow and helping them through if that is what it takes.

What I have noticed are those who have no patience and are all too willing to boot a brand new player. I never boot unless they are AFK too long or they are just really really rude or offensive to everyone. Needless to say I never voted to kick the new members, but I noticed even with me voting no the other 2 would sometimes vote to kick them. I spoke up once and soon got kicked too. I decided to report both of them for abusing it and one of them decided to hunt me down on my server to berate me about how SE gave them a final warning. Not my fault you want to be a jerk but whatever.

Why the reluctance though to help new players when you run older content? I've ran some dungeons with really bad healers and tanks and I've felt like giving up before. As long as they are trying though I stick with it. Once in a while yes you may get a troll and such and by all means they deserve to be kicked. But if you can't deal with trying to run with new players, why not just drop the dungeon yourself and take the penalty instead of trying to kick a new player who is obviously struggling and is probably more frustrated than you are when they can't get through a dungeon and progress with the story.

And just remember, no matter how much you deny it, you were once new like that too, at at least one game once upon a time ;)
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

See, I will never understand this mentality towards new players either.

Yes they may be NOT fast or NOT good at their job and just learning the ropes, SO WHAT! YOU were new too once. Give them a break and maybe, I don't know, HELP them out?

I, for one will never EVER bail on, kick, or crap on new players for being new.

That new player today just might be that great raider, crafter, or PVPer tomorrow.

Corbenik Clay

Omega (Chaos)

I did my first Chrysalis today. First thing I read was that people wanted to leave, but when I spoke up I was new, they stayed and explained to me how it worked, even let me use the 3rd level Limit Break. I understand that there can be frustration towards certain duties and trials, but if someone is new, why not take the time to explain it?

So count me in on that mentality <3



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I get sometimes people don't have time for it, I just personally stay away from any trials or roulettes when I'm short on time. Never fails I get newer people. People are just impatient

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Yeah, I had A12 today in roulette and a few new people doing it.

It was a BIT rough, it took 4 tries to clear it, but no one left and we DID do it for them. Let me tell you, even with people 70+ now, A12 is STILL a bitch! ;p

I was even the last one standing on one of the tries! WHM OP!
The lasers eventually got me though. LOL

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