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Ok, You Can Stop 'Helping' Me Now

I don't mind one someone wants to give a helping hand. I do it all the time, especially when I see someone in way over their head in a FATE, or when I notice an under leveled character in an area 5-10 levels above them. But sometimes they have it handled.

So I've been trying out Blue Mage and so far I really like it. I can't wait till the expansion to release to see all the changes to the class. I haven't made it very far in the class, and acquiring most of the spells have been easy, except when people try to 'help' me.

I'm not talking about the kind of help you get going through a dungeon to get a spell, I mean when you are pummeling away at an enemy with your blue mage cane waiting for an enemy to cast a particular spell on you a couple times in hopes of learning it, when someone comes along and destroys the enemy before they can even cast the spell on you.

What's even worse is when they follow you around and defeat every enemy you target causing you to get extremely frustrated. So you decide to very politely tell them that you're good and that you can handle it since you are just trying to acquire some blue magic. Most people understand and go on their merry way, but some either don't get the hint, don't care, or are intentionally doing it just to get under your skin.

Sometimes I just teleport somewhere else and try a different spell, and sometimes I just lose it until I'm screaming "Leave me the #@$% alone unless you want me to take this mother$%#$ing cane and shove it up your mother&$#%ing @$$!" I don't get to that point too often, but I get the feeling some people are doing it intentional just to be jerks.

A huge drawback I found with the class, it is almost impossible to get a blue magic spell from a dungeon solo. You really have to run it with a friend or someone from a guild because finding random strangers to run it with you not fun at all but maybe that will change with the expansion one can hope.
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

It sounds like you started this late.

When it first appeared there were a ton of PF's for all the dungeon spells as well as the raids and EX primals so it made it pretty easy to get them if you bothered to try. I, myself, have all but the Sastasha one, which never dropped for me and I stopped trying.

Doing it now, I rarely see anything for blue runs anymore. it will be hard unless you have a couple of friends with 70's who are willing to take you unsynced through everything.

Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

Yue I am sorry for your experience and frustration caused by these individuals. Am I correct in assuming they are level 70's? If after one explanation they continue this you can Report their actions under distruption of game, or something of that nature.
If you ever need to unsync a dungeon for your spells, don't hesitage to grab me I'd be happy to help when time permits!

Alestrae Vanrys

Louisoix (Chaos)

I'm afraid I can't recognise a BLU in game, and I didn't know this was a problem. Thanks for flagging this up. I will try to bear it in mind.

Sigurd De-mizar

Phoenix (Light)

I just started BLU a week or so ago. I do most of the leveling and learning skill in open world in odd hours, so everything going sort of smooth.

Learning spell in dungeon was hard, I got someone helping on PF a few times. I am not sure if I want to do the primals at this stage, since my sub runs out in 2 weeks. Next time when I come back, the level cap will probably be higher.

Tifka Stormmoon

Siren (Aether)

Don't be afraid to take Lolo up on his offer if one of us in the FC aren't around. I've grouped with Lolo, he's good people.
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