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Behemoth (Primal)

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Dreaming Warriors FC Recruiting

If anyone seeking a relaxed, and at the moment small fc. We aren't very big but we try to help whenever possible and capable if we are on. Right now at most we got 4 active but not at the same time least until we grow bigger. I hope for fun fc events, parties that can run the spectrum, but hoping for more friends to share the enjoyment this game can have. We have daily buffs and a large in Goblet(for time being praying to move us to either Ishgard or if can't go there Lavender Beds) by time of Endwalker. We don't require people to donate or any of that crud. It is totally up to you what you wanna give, if you want to it will go to good use; if you don't all goods. n.n I do what I can to maintain what we have in the fc same as the other leaders of the fc so just sit back, relax, and have fun with us!
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