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White mage looking for friends in Odin

Im back after 2 year hiatus! I kinda had to relearn the whole game mechanics and how everything works, but Im getting the hang of it now.
Back when I started playing XIV I used controller and decided to ditch that idea from the beginning now. Im not used to playing with keyboard and am still having some mobility issues, but Im doing okay.

The real reason why I stopped playing back then my computer was utter garbage. But now Ive got a brand new PC which my brother helped put to together! I couldnt have done it by my self tbh. The game is running so smoothly now...


So Im still playing as White mage (currently lvl 44) and Im going for Garuda today for the first time.

Im looking to join an FC and making some friends to play with. Im not that great connecting with other players ingame...

Also all tips and advices are very welcome!
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Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

best of luck on your search!
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