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Faerie (Aether)

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Annabel's Savage adventures: O3s; Halicarnassus

Another Sunday evening and another journey into the Hell that is MINE Savage raiding for yours truly.

This week we started our prog on O3s, ol' Halicarnassus, the crazy Queen who just loves games and turning people into stuff.

Now many people rate O3s very highly and some even say it is the best savage fight in all of Ff14. I of course don't know since I have never seen any of them done properly before now. But I will say, there are a LOT of mechanics in this fight, many which overlap in nasty, NASTY ways, which at first glance seem nearly impossible to achieve and live.

So HOW did your loveable ditzy Blonde do?

Well......about as well as you expect. LOL

It was HARD, and I died a LOT to many, MANY different things. But hey, THIS is how yours truly actually learns these fights, by dying to crap lots and then avoiding it later. ;-p

I won't go over everything cause it was a LOT of different crap. But those books were a PAIN, and even MORE of a PAIN when overlapped with OTHER mechanics! Yeah, people, lets place puddles RIGHT when those books are dropping on you AND a nasty add which hits VERY hard is chasing you around the arena! Oh yeah, you BETTER be in the RIGHT place for those books so they don't overlap AND the puddles don't overlap so you have a safe spot to stand in when slapped by the books! And after all the damage you just took from the book drop, (and hopefully NOT the puddle too). you STILL have the add to contend with! AGGGGGH!

Yeah, the whole later part of the fight is filled with bullshit crap like that. Hey, MTQ's guide for this fight is 17 minutes long for a REASON!

So no, we did NOT clear it in one night, but we DID get further than many thought we would. We saw the Iron giant/ ninja add combo but did not have enough DPS power to kill them because many died on the 2nd minejack. with the reapers. (which i LIVED through, HA!)

Next week we hopefully will get the clear, we will see.

Commentaires (2)

Hi Panda

Gilgamesh (Aether)

Yo bum you can do it. Have a caster LB the little ninjas. Make that phase easy mode then all that is left is the last mind jack and it’s a easy peasy clear. It’s a great fight though!

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Ha! sadly we did not clear tonight. But DID see enrage and got her to 4% . Maybe next week. It gets really tiring by the 3rd hour of trying and stupid mistakes get made. :(
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