Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

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WOL: 40, Ditzy Blonde: 1 , FINALLY!

Well it was a VERY long and hard road, but Seat of Sacrifice EX is FINALLY cleared AS a healer, YAY!

Let me tell you, this one was a PAIN in the ASS to do! Yeah, yeah, I know I know I say that about all of them; but this one was more than most because of how much it relied on every job knowing their exact place in the mechanic rotation.

If someone did not know where they were supposed to stand or who to stack with or what to grab or NOT to grab, it was either death for them and others or a potential wipe for all.

There is a joke for SoS EX where the designers ask, "what mechanics should we put in for this?," and the developer says, "yes". Yeah, this fight has pretty much every damn mechanic you can think of in it somewhere, and you gotta remember where so it don't mess you up for the NEXT mechanic coming up right after.

Memorization is the key to winning these EX's and knowing what is coming up, but SoS gives you a big FU by randomizing nearly everything about phase 3 making you pay EXTRA attention to figure out what will happen next. And the imbues are EXTRA fun trying to remember which is coming up in the pattern. " it ice first? When the hell is fire, gotta be sure not to move, oh shit, it was three, NOT four, Damn it!" Yeah, death is a LOT in phase 3 trying to muddle your way through it to learn the damn thing.

Pro tip: If it is offered, GET on the damn Discord, it makes this MUCH easier having someone who can read the signs and can call out the 5 imbues when they happen as well as all the summons that are coming up in phase 3. There ARE signs for all that crap, but I don't know them yet, so rely on praying to make sure I am in the right place. ;p

Oh, and Stupid Dragon......F*** YOU! You can kiss my ASS!!! Hate, hate, HATE that damn thing!!!

And melee DPS's.....STOP killing me! Screw your rotation and BE in your damn partner spot!!!

Oh, and if you are thinking of healing this, SoS EX is VERY hard on healers, seriously, VERY hard. Yes, I have said THIS before too, but it is WORSE then Shiva Unreal, (which is actually not bad with a competent party. Bad groups though, UGH!) There is a LOT of unavoidable damage in this and you gots to be on the ball with your heals, more so if mechanics are screwed up and people get extra hurt or deaths happen.

You know, I am thinking of the damage in this that IS avoidable and I will tell you it AIN'T much! The stack circles, Light lines, ice imbue, the dragon fire, circles for summoner summon, and I think THAT'S it!!!! Everything else, you are going to be hit for damage. Reading that you might think, "Stupid blonde ditz, that's a LOT of avoidable stuff". And I say, "oh Honey, that is just a SMALL portion of the crap in this fight to deal with!"

Siggy told me that this fight is about the equivalent of a Savage fight, I think he said E5S or something like that, can't remember the exact one. And I am soooo proud of myself for being able to do it, though admittedly, I DID have my doubts.

But hey, it's done and I am HAPPY it is OVER!......Well, till I decide to master and teach it.

God, I really AM a stupid ditz that is a sucker for punishment.....

Commentaires (3)

Felsea Stryfe

Lich (Light)

Ok. Now!!! I legit think it’s time, you need to venture into savage. Next teir, just doit, I mean u managed shiva, do exe trials. It’s no different, Just a little harder, and honestly, when ppl know what they are doin, it’s actualy extremely straight forward. I have no doubt in my mind u can do it. One more thing to rant about ^^ dooooir!!

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

LOL Felsea, I don't know if I could stand doing savage though PF groups. Trying to learn EX primals through PF is bad enough with all the salt and early quitters.

Admittedly, I almost want to try just to say I did a savage. ;p

Felsea Stryfe

Lich (Light)

It’s as simple as that ^^ try and see ^^. It’s intense but only at 1st. And u could get that epic group that makes u say....”well, that wasn’t so bad at all”. Cos they exist ^^ I believe in u!!
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