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All healer Puppet Bunker run!


So yes, last night I got to participate in an all healer Puppet Bunker run. I said, why the hell not, I have done runs like this before on other stuff, it could be fun.

Welllll, It WAS something......

As 24 healers doing a hard current content thing, it was a bit.....rough.

It took a loooonng time to kill any of the bosses, I mean REALLY long. Healers are not exactly the stellar DPS damage dealers, so the bosses health bars dropped slowly. In fact so slowly, we had to deal with about twice the mechanics as one would normally deal with on this run. Which beings us to the 2nd thing.....

Because of the increased mechanics, there was a LOT of death, yeah, a LOT of death. Tankbusters were brutal and even though we had shields and lots of heals, the migration was not there for the hardest hitting stuff so people fell, fell, and fell some more. In fact, my whole party, except for me for some weird reason, died to a second boss attack and I had to rez quickly to get them back up with help from the other parties.

White mages were King, (or Queen), in the damage department. In my group, which was 6 WHM, we killed our 2nd boss FAR faster than the other groups who had more SCH and AST's. When ours died, theirs were at about 15% and 25% still. Oh, and by the way, seeing many, many holy spells going off at the same time mowing down adds is a glorious thing. ;p

I don't know what the poor scholars did shield wise. Since there were many of them, their shield stuff was not too effective, you know, the whole can't stack thing. My group only had one, but other groups had multiple scholars. As far as AST's, LOTS of ast bubbles and stellar stuff. There was more than one scholar saying they wished they had gone in as WHM. ;-)

The whole thing took I think about 45-50 min to do. Like I said, it took a LONG time to do it, and I was REALLY tired and burned out at the end. Oh don't get me wrong, it WAS fun, but I will NOT try that instance again as a all healer group.

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Bear Ironfist

Faerie (Aether)

There are also health and damage increases for having different roles in a party, so the damage and survivability are lessened compared to a regular party for the healer.

Sarah Logangar

Brynhildr (Crystal)

Intresting story everyone must of been really bored to do something like that.
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