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Doing Alexander solo


So recently I convinced my wife Aria to FINALLY unlock the Alexander raid and try it out. But she said she wanted to just unsync it and try to solo it. At first I was, UNSYNC it? UGH, WIFE! Do it normally as a party! But then I got to thinking, how hard would it be to try to DO it solo as an 80?

Well she got to the 3rd one before stopping for the night, which made me want to try it for myself to see how far I could get. So today I went in unsynced as my beloved White Mage to see how I would do.

Now, I have tried 60 content solo before and was able to do some and failed at others because of the boss mechanics. So I was KIND of curious how hard this would actually be since it was pretty much all bosses. What I found surprised me.....

I have done all of Alexander normal synced, not cheating by unsyncing any of the instances. Still, people are over geared for the thing and tend to kill the bosses rather quickly except for the later ones, which can STILL cause wipes at times, even with a party of high ilevel people. So seeing how the fight used to be is not going to happen unless a party goes in minimum ilevel.

But this was NOT the case with soloing it. Even though I was 80, because I was alone it took a while to kill the bosses, which meant the boss mechanics ACTUALLY happened! :O

I was SHOCKED! I was actually seeing new moves from the bosses that I hadn't seen before as a full party. New techniques and things they did, which would be skipped because they would be burned down too fast.

Oppressor and his twin would fly into the air and bombard the arena, Pepsi man's hand phase would have TWO forms attacking and sprout a ton of blobs that you had to kill. The Manipulator would flush you from the arena and make you fight robots on other platforms and target you with a ton of missiles and orbs at times. The beams on the 5th phase MEANT something and you had to use them properly to survive the goblins various attacks.

Heck, even the pre boss phase adds were different with actual mechanics seen, plus special mini boss adds I had never seen before. I will tell you it was a whole different fight because even though I was 80 and had all my 'tool kit' I was alone and had to WORK to survive all the mechanics and make it to the end of the fight.

Oh don' t get me wrong, the first 3 were somewhat easy, but it started getting tougher with 4 and I failed to beat 5 because there were too many mechanics I had never seen before and did not understand, plus the damage was WAY too great. I will have to look at an old guide to see what to do properly to see if I can beat it. If not, I may skip to 6 and see how I do.

So if one laments on never getting to see how the old raids used to be, try unsyncing them and experience them again to see how they really were. You may find them easy, you may not, but it's an interesting experience.
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Ember Cinder

Faerie (Aether)

She should def finish it for the music alone.

Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

That was my experience solo farming the lvl 50 primals for ponies! I actually got a lot better at the mechanics.

Now I sorta wish there a "Training mode" to practice endgame content by yourself in the same way.
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