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Just a quick update on various stuff.


I just wanted to do a little update for those who ACTUALLY read my blog. ;p

Yes, you MAY have noticed that there has been no writing for a while and there Is a reason for that. With the new patch out, the Lodestone has exploded with people posting all sorts of things about all the new goodies. This of course always happens around patch time so it's no surprise. But it also means that normal content tends to get lost in all the posting fervor. So I am not posting any new writing till it dies down in a month or two when people have exhausted their desire to post and leave the blogging to the regulars again.

As for writing, yes I KNOW there has not been any new Modern Girl in a long while. I actually have been working on writing the MSQ stuff and that has put MG on the 'back burner' so to speak.

I also have decided to keep up with the patches and write them up as I am doing them. This means 5.1 is ALL written up and will be released when I catch up with the old Shadowbringers stuff. (It WILL eventually happen, I promise! ;p) I don't know when I will start writing 5.2. I just got far enough into it to access Ruby weapon. So I think I may just let it sit until I write up more old MSQ stuff. I may not though and just do it to catch up with the content, we'll see. The only thing I won't have access to is just one dungeon if I don't do it. Well there IS expert roulette, but I HATE doing expert roulette so no big loss there. LOL

As for the content.....well, as you saw, I FINALLY got all the shark stuff, YAY SHARKS! ;p Leveling up Fisher also granted me access to the new beast tribe, which I may do to see the story. YAY Serpent!

Eden normal is all done and I will put up with it weekly to get the crap for the armor and stuff for my alt jobs. White Mage I will use the new stones for that armor cause only the BEST stuff for my beloved job.

I did Ruby weapon last night, (and we will NOT speak of it!), I will probably try the ex version after I get used to doing the normal one.

Other than all that, well nothing else. Just grind for the new stones and Eden crap I guess. Gotta get that Ilevel! Well at least till I get bored and ignore the game. ;p

Commentaires (2)

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

awe, did you not have fun doing ruby? I was happy I got to come along ^^

Serena Sable

Spriggan (Chaos)

My brain was descending into mad darkness over somethings and I had to hide my own blog from myself to help save myself heh.

Yeah the lodestone always springs to life when it's patch time and with that comes spoilers and stuff, be it pictures that the lodestone itself blasts on the splash page, or accidentally walking into them via reading entries. Also of course the regulars like yourself getting buried under the rain of 'patch entries'.
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