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Day 140: Assault on Paradise

Note: I did my best to remember what happened, but it has been so long I may have forgotten stuff and put stuff in the wrong order. But as I have said before, this is Annabel's canon of the MSQ. All that really matters is that the end result is somewhat the same as the MSQ's version.

Dear Dee:

Well Dee it was finally time, time to deal with that blight on the Kholusia horizon, Eulmore. It was time Lord Vauthry was stopped and the Lightwarden he harbored destroyed. So we made plans to go there, my little group of Scions I had worked so hard to gather. We hoped we would be victorious, what we got instead was completely unexpected....

Yes Dee, the First in it's usual 'Worst' status lived up to its moniker today. We 'won' but did NOT win. (I know, that tends to be the case anymore, right?) But let me stop beating around the bush and tell you my dear book what happened....

We arrived in one of the outlying villages and prepared to make our way to the shantytown on the outskirts of the city. But once in the village, we began hearing strange reports of the people there being afflicted with some strange malady. Did it worry me? Not so much, we were there for Vauthry, whatever was going on with those who desired to be there was not my concern. Well Dee, THAT was a lie, it ended up being my concern in a BIG way....

Arriving at Eulmore's outskirts we saw a strange sight. The place was nearly empty with just a few stragglers here and there, meul and possessions abandoned, hovels emptied of people. It was an eerie sight and Urianger decided to question the few that were left to find out what was going on. I don't mind telling you Dee, I was nervous, something was NOT right there and I had a bad feeling it did not bode well for us. Boy was I right...

You see Dee, we finally found out what meul really was. It actually came from the Sin Eaters themselves and if you ate it, you slowly became corrupted inside. It was a horrible realization Dee and one that made me more than a little sick inside, never mind the REAL sickness already inside me. Well, nothing could be done with this knowledge other than with the people gone we might be finding them later, and not in a good way. And boy, did we EVER!.....

Pressing on, we soon came to the second town directly next to Eulmore. There we found the refugees, all under some kind of weird mind control and wanting to kill us. Uri deduced that it was Vauthry controlling them through the meul taint, which was all well and good, but they were all in our way to the city and killing them was out of the question. Well, I mean we COULD have killed them, but there was NO way in Hell I was going to do that Dee, not to those who were just helpless victims. So we pretty much just gave them an old fashioned thrashing. It was not gentle, but it got the job done and we were soon through the gates and inside the city itself.....

Once inside, we found that the mind control extended to the inhabitants of Eulmore itself. Yeah Dee, that meant EVERYONE we encountered, from the guards, to the clerks, servants, and pampered citizens themselves were out to kill us. As you can imagine Dee, this was NOT good and we did our best to hold back our power and not actually kill anyone. I THINK we were successful, but don't hold me to that, there really were an AWFUL lot of them. I did feel sorry for them though, I would not like it if I was forced to throw my life away for something I did not want to do. Oh wait, I do that ANYWAY time and time again, damn Echo.

It did not take long to defeat them and soon we were in the higher levels where we decided to split up to cover more ground and deal with the by now more serious forces of the city. These were the actual skilled warriors and defenders as well as the special forces. They seemed affected by Vauthry's control, throwing themselves at us with complete disregard for their lives. This made them more fierce and harder to deal with, but deal with them we did eventually. All this fighting was taking a toll on the others. Me, not so much, which was actually kind of surprising. I guess that stupid Echo has SOME advantages......

As we climbed and climbed, we split and split until I was eventually alone. I ended up having to deal with those two women in the terrible looking outfits who always brought the meul out to the people outside. They were more skilled then I was expecting, but nothing I could not handle and they were soon down like the others.

On the final landing, General Ran'jit himself appeared, the bastard who had been a thorn in my side for most of my time here. I swear Dee, why did I get all the hard people to fight, it ALWAYS happens! I am not afraid to say I was VERY worried because this guy had defeated me time and time again. But this time there was nowhere to run and he was in my way, so it was put up or shut up and you know me Dee, I NEVER shut up...

As expected the battle was fierce. Ran'jit was REALLY upset about the whole Ryne thing, which actually surprised me. I had no idea he had put so much effort into young Minfilia over the years, getting more and more discouraged as she died time and time again. It obviously contributed to his becoming disillusioned and turning to side with the Sin Eaters. It did not stop me though from doing what I had to do. He was in my way to Vauthry and after a long fought battle, Ran'jit finally fell. As he died, the old man seemed a mix of regret and peace. It was a strange mix of emotions Dee, one I think I am too young to really understand.

Finally I was at the top where the elite lounged their days away, but they were not anywhere around either. The place was deserted and trashed, both pampered and servant alike, gone, somewhere. The others soon joined me, their tasks complete. Together we made our way to Lord Vauthry's inner chamber to finish this once and for all....

Inside, we found where the others had gone, they were just like all the others, mind controlled and being used as a shield to protect their lord from harm. Vauthry himself looked a combination of pissed that we had invaded his city and snug in the fact that we could not get to him. My companions though had a few tricks up their sleeves and before both me and Vauthry knew it, the Eulmorians were knocked out and out of the way leaving the Lord wide open.

Well Dee, it seemed that the Scions were actually more useful in this world than I was expecting. If only they could be the same in Eorzea.....

Seeing his human shield down, Vauthry frothed at the mouth and went into this long rant about his power, plans and the whole we would never stop him. He then did something VERY unexpected and KILLED the Sin Eaters around him, eating their flesh and becoming even larger. This gave him some kind of weird power which allowed him to fly and he launched himself into the air escaping our grasp. Dee, it turned out HE was the Lightwarden I had to defeat and all I could do it watch him slip my grasp....

I will not lie Dee, it was REALLY frustrating not being able to go after him after all the effort we had put into the assault. But what could we do? We had no means to go after him and we had drained ourselves getting up here. All we could do is watch with a mix of seething rage and regret at our failure.

But there was still the matter of the citizens of Eulmore to deal with. With Vauthry gone, the spell he has placed on them had been broken and they were all back to normal, though much confused. After explaining things to them, most felt ashamed about their behavior and the things they had done and seeked some kind of redemption. The others gave them some ideas on what they could do to help the people of Kholusia, whether they actually DID do anything to help has yet to be seen.....

So Dee, the city had been liberated and Lord Vauthry was on the run to who knows where. I would like to say I could rest some, but I can't. We need to go after him, find some way to reach the upper reaches of Kholusia. I have not been over there yet, so don't know how I will get up there. Boy I wish I could fly like in Eorzea, why the hell CAN'T I?

Dee, sometimes I REALLY hate the restrictions put on me when I am trying to save these lands and realms. But what can I do? I have to make the best of it, rely on my skills, rely on my companions, and rely on the people around me when I need all the help I can get.

But Dee, will it be enough?......

Till next time;


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