Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

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Hyuroise / ♀

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19e soleil de la 1re lune astrale


Menphina, la Bien-aimante

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L'ordre des Deux Vipères / Lieutenante

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Kindred Souls



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Hello and thank you for looking. If you are interested in my writing and more specifically 'Annabel's Journey', here is a guide to help explain it all.

Name: Annabel Ashcroft
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Midlander
-Skin: light pinkish\peach
-Eyes: Blue
-Hair: Honey Blonde
-Build: between slim and athletic
-Height: 5'2

Birthplace: City of Shedellia, in the country of Shedell which is in the lands of Ilsabard

Birth date: 19th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon

-Father: Conrad
-Mother: Annette
-Older Sister: Adora
-Younger Sister: Alea

Married to Aria Crossroads

Favored class/job: White mage.

Personality: Her voice is soft with a mannerism hinting at the Class she has left behind. Annabel has a pleasing personality as well as a witty one; which may or may not please those who may be on the receiving end of it. She is though a sheltered, spoiled woman with a bit of a 'princess' complex and will whine, bitch, and moan for any number of reasons that set this side of her off.

Background: Annabel Ashcroft is the middle child of the Ashcroft family, who are located in the city of Shedellia in the country of Shedell. They are a old and wealthy family, having made their money from shipping and trading. Annabel has 2 other siblings, 1 older, 1 younger along with her father and mother, who makes sure her children are brought up properly.

Annabel though has been a bit of a disappointment to the Ashcroft household. Although she is beautiful and witty, her unusual independent streak and foolish behavior have ruined many a potential match her mother has tried to make. So at 24, Annabel is still unmarried and is fast on her way to bring a spinster.

For now though, Annabel Ashcroft has no interest in having the life of a proper Lady. Thanks to her spark in magic and the stories she has heard, she has become interested in the world and all it has to offer, Annabel wants to see it and be out on her own.

Hearing about the problems in Eorzea and the opportunities available for one willing to help, Annabel jumped at the chance to get away from her family and see more of the world.

Not knowing what else to do with her and seeing a chance to get her out of the area and away from gossiping peers., Annabel's mother agreed to let her go. So here she is, looking for adventure and excitement; but not love, God, she's had QUITE enough of that for awhile.

Likes: Outfits that look great on her, gardens, books, parties, and many others.

Dislikes: bugs, slimy things, outfits that look bad on her, suitors, pushy mothers, that tyrant witch Minfilia, and also many others.

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