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Back to tanking, featuring Main Scenarion Roulette

Well, I ran Main Scenario as a tank for the first time ever a little while ago. Sadly, I got every other full combat job to 80 even though I wasn't rushing things so... tanks

Anyway, a new sprout tank was also there and a friendly person was giving the advice so I tied to be off-tank and avoid aggro battles but also it was a sprout so I tried to clean up stray mobs. Sprout did well but wow did I feel like a clumsy oaf or a bull in a china shop. Fortunately the party was helpful and patient and I think sprout tank got all the comms as deserved

My gratitude to everyone in that run.
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Omi Senu

Faerie (Aether)

Well, I ended up doing one each of the two Main Scenario options that week and bailed :p
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