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Another strange dream

Journal, another strange dream happened the other night. It was similar circumstances as my entry entitled 'Dream Crossover' but left me in cold shivers.

Let me detail it out.

As I drifted off into sleep, the same blurry field surrounded me, taking me faster and faster. Next thing I know I am wearing a colored suit. A sort of tool belt was fastened around my waist. The suit was dark blue which strangely is a standard color for me. I was wearing a helmet with a slightly tinted visor plate. An object was connected to my wrist and it beeped. Several others beeps surrounded me.

Standing around a table were 9 other suits ranging several other colors. The suits were so uniform that I couldn't identify gender. We were in some sort of food processing place. A large button was on the table around us.

Above, something descended from the ceiling and an image rendered in three dimensions appeared. "Crewmembers, this is home base. The ship you're on, the Skeld, has reported significant internal sabotage, including standard helmet comms, and has dropped from light speed. You have been awakened from stasis to repair and restart propulsion to resume travel to the asteroid Polis.

"The life sensors also indicate the presence of the Imposter Virus, though they too are badly damaged and cannot pinpoint who exactly." A beep comes from the wrist device, indicating a button similar to the one on the table. "The installed program on your repair checklist now will immediately teleport everyone to the Cafeteria. Use it only in the event of reporting dead bodies caused by the Imposter Virus killing crew members. You may also use the Cafeteria button to report suspicious activity. Additionally, activating either button will trigger your voxboxes for temporary communication.

"The information contained within the Skeld is vitally important to the researchers on Polis. It must reach there intact in order to further the work progressing there. If the Imposter Virus overpowers the crew, the research will be lost. Good luck." The image fades and the contraption raises back into the ceiling. Everyone makes small turns of their head, as the paranoia is already active.

I look at my wrist repair list. It gives me specific locations and activities to do. Plus a medbay notice indicating the threat level of the Imposter Virus, currently indicating two. *must be the number of crew members infected by this strange virus* I muse to myself. Putting my senses, such as they are, to max, I start on my task list.

Not knowing my way around, I frequent the digital map from my wrist gadget, finding myself first in the 'Navigation'. I take a quick note of the active consoles here and compare to what my tasks are. Seems the only thing I need to do is plug a data device into a panel and download some material. It takes a few seconds for it to transfer, giving me time to pause and observe my surroundings. Another crew member in a pink suit comes in and sits at one console. Over its shoulder I see it punch in calculations to correct the direction of travel. A soft beep grabs my attention and a HUD indicates the download is complete with a follow up to Admin to upload and store.

Passing along the corridors I check my list and analyzing shield harmonics is one. Notating my location I realize I pass by the Shielding room. Just as I reach the room the lights fade to a near pitch black with emergency red lights flickering in a circular pattern. My HUD indicates the location of the light shutdown: the main electric room midship. I place my trust in the fellow crewmates to fix the issue as it would take awhile for me to arrive there in person and open up the shield display. It's a hexagon setup covering 28 sections of the ship.

(authors note: I know that this isn't how Shield task isn't displayed but I'm thinking in 720 degree terms covering the ship.)

A quick look over the panel shows several areas are in low status. Accessing the power realignment controls I strengthen 11 locations by slightly weakening the rest of the defensive matrix. Just within parameters the console blips affirmative and I check the task off.

In the hallway between shielding and storage the lights come back on--and a decapitated crewmember in a cyan suit lies in the doorway of communications. Without a second thought I scroll to the 'report' option and slap my wrist. A feeling of rushing wind surrounded me and there were seven people around the table, myself included. *wait...that means two more bodies were never discovered* I think.

Off the bat, red asks me where the body was. I make my statement. Yellow instantly accuses black of being the killer citing they saw black coming from communications just as the lights were coming on. Black argued back saying they were finishing a task in comms and saw no body due to power outage. Red chimes in saying he followed black from Medbay and saw him scan clean but was watching blacks' back against the Imposter. Yellow turned on Red and accused them of being the imposter instead saying they didn't see red at the same time as black.

Some pieces were starting to fall into place for me. I note the voxbox time: 60 seconds remain before communications cut out. I ask yellow where they were. They obviously replied in storage letting the garbage out. Pink chimes in asking from where was the garbage originally in the ship. Yellow paused a moment, then in a less confident tone said they came from O2. Pink shook its head saying that they heard vent access in the hallway close to O2 but when the lights went on saw no one there. Purple and Red looked at Yellow, then each other, held up their wrists and pressed buttons, initiating and logging their vote. Mimicking them I voted.

Yellow was the only one that was dragging its heels. The vote screen showed anonymous voting *thank goodness* mostly totaling for yellow. Another rush of wind and we were all at storage garbage vent. The last we saw of yellow was it turning into a tentacled monstrosity while it froze over outside of the Skeld. I looked at the med toggle. Threat level decreased from two to one. I remained at the garbage station for a while, pondering over the misshapen form floating adrift from the ship and wondering what happened to cause the virus. I turn around and there was orange...and it was in the process of changing into a similar tentacle creature...

My last recollection of the ship was a spiked tentacle arcing to my face plate and seeing red come around the central boxes to witness the murder. My murder.

Now you realize why I woke up in cold shivers? I thought I was actually going to die or was dead. I took a series of steadying breaths while Bellenker moves slightly under the blankets by my side, muttering something about vengeance for blue...

Was she with me or was it only a dream?
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