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Joe's Tuednesday Goings-On, 11/29 - 11/30


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So, this morning was a series of <Oops!>es. Tried to make a Gems of War video, but the music was STILL too loud (on last week's attempt the music was WAAAY too loud. Tried to turn it down some for this attempt), so I had to once again shitcan it. <Oops!>

Then I tried to make another Rollers of the Realm vid, but the music I used was copyrighted. "Duhhhhhhhhh yep! Definitely not copyrighted! Yep yep! Last album of his wasn't copyrighted, so this one definitely wouldn't be either. Nope nope! So, no need to do a copyright check. Yep yep!" To be fair though, doing a copyright check would've taken about 30-45 minutes, and I didn't want to sit around spinning my wheels when I want to make the video NOW not later. Oh, and <Oops!>

But on the upside I had an AWESOME Pinball session today! Pinball FX3 decided to work today, so I did my usual matchups and tourneys, which went meh. *sigh*

Pinball Arcade, however, went SPLENDIDLY! I trounced my previous high score in White Water (a table requested by fpsisu. Boy, was he in hog heaven lol!). And all the rest of the tables I did, with the exception of the Fish Tales one I did at the end - I was pretty much exhausted from the previous White Water table at that point - I did pretty good on. So, definitely a session for the books!

And since Pinball FX3 didn't crash today (typically if FX3 crashes, then most other games I own will also crash) I decided to do an arcade/story run in Fantasy Strike, as Rook (the game's equivalent of Zangief of Street Fighter). One of my favorite fighting games, if not for the awful aesthetics (picture Tiny Toons Adventures as a fighting game. Yeah......). Very off-putting.

Aaaaaaand I also decided to, since I found a way to make my OBS program recognize the game Vampire Survivors - up until this point, I only got a black screen from it - I went ahead and recorded a gameplay run. And chances are, I might actually stream this game now, now that I've made it work. :)>

So, yeah.... I was just a mean green content creation machine today!


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An average session today, just like Keitaro87 said at the end of it. Everything was meh, the only bright spots being me JUST BARELY beating my previous high score in Rescue 911, and getting close to beating a few FX3 tournaments. So, not the best way to close out my weekend (my work week starts today *sigh*). Oh well. -_-

Alrighty. Nap time. Then I gotta get ready for work. <Take care>, peeps. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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