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Joe's Tuednesday Thingies, 6/15 - 6/16


Tried playing a new 2D fighting game called "Guilty Gear: Strive" while my internet was down (my ISP was doing maintenance). Seems decent, which basically means that I probably won't be playing this long lol. One of the characters is a chick wielding a guitar, which I'm always a sucker for (a la Streets of Rage 4). So I'll probably play this for a while at least. At least, as long as this game is streamable (it kinda lags at times, even with the graphics settings at the lowest).

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ROFLMAO! (although the music gets quite repetitious)

Pretty good session today. I went ahead and did a test stream of Guilty Gear: Strive like I wanted to do this morning (see above). And it checks out, aside from bits of lag here and there, worst culprit being, in all places, the CHARACTER SELECT screen. So I mostly did training mode and the tutorial, which I liked (most other tutorials just have you basically do a button check, and then "Get on out there!"). The tutorial is practically a story mode unto itself - kinda like Rivals of Aether - ranging from doing basic stuff all the way to the advanced moves that I'm nowhere near ready to do, I'm sure lol. You can also watch replays of other matches as well, so that'll help when I need to AFK for a while, as it'll give my viewers something to watch.

Oh, and as the in-game music, despite it being rock & metal - which sure as hell beats most other fighting game OSTs - is rather annoying, I went ahead and turned it off and played a few records instead, something I haven't done in a very long time:

The Beatles - The White Album
Instrumental Music of the Southern Appalachians


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Pretty good Pinball session today. Did good all the way up until just before I had to shut down, where I was total ass. But luckily I had to shut down about then, so it was no big deal. :P>

And a pretty good Guilty Gear: Strive session today. I mostly did the training mode and watched some replays. I also tried doing some of the more advanced tutorial stuff, but I had about as much luck as Charlie Brown winning a baseball game. So, a no-go there.

But, unfortunately, and a good call from Mom_Against_Vaping (it gets pixelated when too much stuff goes on at once, and I couldn't notice this because the game worked all right from my end), I had to uninstall the game and get a refund, as it's basically unstreamable. So, it looks like I'll be going back to Rivals of Aether. Oh well. I tried. -_-

Okay, nap time, then I gotta get ready for work. <Take care>, guys. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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