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Joe's Tuednesday Doings, 5/11 - 5/12



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Pretty good session today. I did mostly questing today and some crafting. And come to find out that, in order to upgrade his gear from exotic to ascended (see this chart here) I have to wait until DECEMBER, as the recipes to make them are only available at that time of year (called the "Wintersday" event). That's kinda shitty. As far as I know, in FF XIV, holiday gear was available year-round. Pretty bad that I have to wait 7 months for this.

The vinyls I played today were:

Pink Floyd - Ummagumma
Stan Freberg - Best Of
N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton


Continuing on from yesterday: Well, it's actually A GOOD THING I couldn't upgrade my gear further (see above), as it seems that AAAAAALL that time & money I spent gearing up my mesmer yesterday just went to shit, as a new patch just dropped. But this time, they changed up a lot of stuff in this class (usually it's just hotfixes). <Oops!> So I had to redo everything, making/buying new gear & stuff. And this time, and probably going forward, any new gear I make will now have the "Celestial" prefix, which gives a modest stat bonus to all your attributes, rather than focusing all the points on just 2-4. Kind of a "one size fits all" stat setup, that way I only have to do this once.

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A below average Pinball FX3 session (I didn't play any Pinball Arcade at all, considering how awful I've been playing, especially last week), except for the last table, which was E.T. I DEMOLISHED my previous high score, which was a kind of redemption, I think. :D>

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A good session today. I just did some storyline questing, trying out the new mesmer setup. Seems all right. I still prefer the original build though, if only because I could've made all the gear I needed myself, and not have to pay the gouged prices on the trading post (oh, and I basically HAD to do this, as crafting them would've taken literally a month, as one of the mats can only be made once per day, and the gear requires around 5 each!). It is what it is, I guess. -_-

But on the upside, APTLTUDE came by. Been a while! I think he got a new job, as his sleep schedule is completely different now, so he's not around as much. Anyway, it was still good to see him though. :D>

And here's the records I played this session:

The Dubliners - Seven Drunken Nights
Prince - For You
Tom Lehrer - An Evening (Wasted) With Tom Lehrer (side one)

Okay, nappy-nappy time, and then I have to get ready for work. <Take care>, guys. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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