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Joe's Tuesday/Wednesday Happenings, 3/30 - 3/31


Not a political guy, but these are awesome! Oh, and I took a quick political compass test after uploading these. I got -6,-4. So basically, I'm a Wiegraf. Awesome!

And with rare exceptions, these Peanuts headers are of no indication of what the stream was like. If I find them funny/relatable/profound at the time, I post them up.

Cliquez pour afficherCliquez pour cacher

Real good Guild Wars 2 session today. Did some of the world bosses, and all the open-world & crafting dailies as well. I also tried doing a 5-man dungeon, but it was one of those super long ones that I had to bail out of part way through. And APTLTUDE and Keitaro87 dropped by too, so a good time was had by all today. :)>

And I also managed to play some Footsies, but only for a short time as I'm too burnt, and the new boss spawn order now makes it so I have very little down time now, so there's that as well.

And for the vinyls I played today they were:

Bruce Springsteen - The River
Devo - The New Traditionalists


Cliquez pour afficherCliquez pour cacher

A fairly below average Pinball session this morning. Was getting frustrated towards the end, but luckily I was only on a couple hours anyway, so I managed to quit before my blood pressure got too high lol.

Uhhhhhh no......

Cliquez pour afficherCliquez pour cacher

Pretty good Guild Wars 2 session today. And an early one too, as I got some good sleep! Started around 3pm, about 30 minutes earlier than I normally start.

Otherwise, it was mostly world bosses. And I couldn't do all the open-world dailies, as one was a dungeon that had to be done twice, which takes too much time. And the other was in a area I can't access yet. It happens.

And APTLTUDE and skullface33101 came around today too. And it's Skull's 20th birthday today!

And I also played some Footsies today, the longest I've played in a while. Did all right actually, won most of my matches. The kind of session I wish I'd get more often :/>

And the licorice discs I spun this evening were:

Stan Freberg - Best Of
Billy Cobham - Spectrum
Herb Albert's Tijuana Brass - Whipped Cream & Other Delights
Tschaikovsky - The Nutcracker Suite (side one)

Okay, nap time. Then I have to start getting ready for work. <Take care>, everyone. And thanks for watching/reading. And you all have a great day/night.;)>

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