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Joe's Various Goings-On, 10/22 - 10/23


So, this morning I tried playing Streets of Rage 4 for the first time, completely on a whim. Good game, although beat em' ups aren't exactly in my wheelhouse. I first watched a gameplay video around a month ago, when someone was playing Cherry, a guitar-wielding fighter, giving them all a "Les Paul Pounding", as I like to call it. So this morning I figured "What the heck" and tried streaming it. I did okay for it being my first time, I averaged a C grade for most all of it. Would definitely play again though.

And for my Guild Wars 2 session it was a pretty good one. robean came by again - So it seems he's now a regular. :)> - while I was working on making crafting mats. So we chatted it up a fair bit. Then I ran some level 70 quests, and eventually started running some fractal - non-storyline related - dungeons with him as well. But after all that, we participated in taking down a world boss which, to my amazement, I only died one time. I've died numerous times on lower-tiered content. Like, wow lol.

And here's the vinyl albums I played this evening:

Saturday Night Live - Movie Soundtrack
Motorhead - Self-Titled Debut
Bill Cosby - Why is There Air?
Jethro Tull - This Was


Did a FF XIV session this morning, but didn't record it this time, since A#1: I wasn't in the mood for all the cutting, pasting, and captioning required to make a full-blown session video, not to mention all the wheel-spinning I have to do while waiting for my video to be saved then uploaded to YouTube (generally, video saving time = 50% of video length. Uploading time = video length. So for an hour-long video you're looking at AT LEAST 90 minutes of me doing busy work during that time), and A#2: I'm listening to a band called
The Chieftans, their self-titled debut album, which actually goes pretty good with this game! But I couldn't have this music on here, otherwise YouTube flags my whole video for copyright, prompting me to delete all my hard work afterwards (with very rare exceptions, I don't want ads on my content, which is what happens when your videos get flagged by YouTube).

Otherwise for the session itself I worked on some mat crafting, as I've been doing more and more custom deliveries these days, since I haven't been able to earn as much company seals as I used to (needed to buy ventures and Maelstrom Command teleport tickets). After that, I just went ahead and did the Pixie beast tribe quests and tanked a Hell's Lid 50/60/70 roulette on my dark knight and called it good. And he FINALLY hit level 79. Only one more to go!

SIDE NOTE: I did try recording my Hell's Lid run, but I forgot to shut off my microphone before doing so, resulting in background noise and echoing (due to the microphone picking up the in-game stuff from my speaker). So much for that. -_-

I also watched a couple of movies as well, An Evening With Robin Williams - my all-time favorite comic - my first and probably my favorite stand-up show of his:

Cliquez pour afficherCliquez pour cacher

And Whitey: United States of America vs James J. Bulger, a show I've never seen before. Good documentary, it kinda reminds me of the World of Warcraft book War Crimes, where the prosecution and the defense are given equal treatment, and the trial seemed less about his guilt - of which was obvious - and more about whether or not the FBI was a part of all this. Intriguing stuff.

Cliquez pour afficherCliquez pour cacher

Book spoiler alert!:
Cliquez pour afficherCliquez pour cacher
In the book, Garrosh Hellscream, a bloodthirsty tyrant who brought chaos & destruction to all of existence, was being tried not for his crimes - all of which were blatantly obvious to the whole world - but whether he should be exiled or executed. No courtroom drama I've ever read/saw had this kind of plot. Usually it's guilty or not guilty.

And a very good Guild Wars 2 session this evening. I created a new character today, a revenant named "Linus Van Pelt" (aka Linus of Peanuts fame). And for those that don't know, the revenant class is a class that has 4 different "stances" to choose from:

Dwarf Stance: Basically a 2-hander tank (think warrior in FF XIV) stance, focusing on damage reduction and damage reflection. Enhances dodging attacks as well (In Guild Wars 2 you can dodge attacks by rolling away from them. Works just like in the God of War franchise).

Assassin Stance: A dual-wielding DPS stance, stealing health, shadowstep-ping (teleporting to targets), as well as inflicting vulnerability (works exactly the same as in FF XIV).

Demon Stance: A damage-over-time stance, including torment damage (a DoT that deals more damage when the target moves). Improves non-damaging debuffs as well. Also encourages "stance dancing".

Centaur Stance: The healing and team support stance, the main reason I'm trying this class out. Mechanically, works like monk healing in World of Warcraft (when Mists of Pandaria first came out. You can melee heal!), with healing orbs that players can step over, as well as a movable healing totem. Also has the "alacrity" mechanic (cooldowns recharge faster. BOY does FF XIV need this!), as well the ability to blind enemies (blindness = your next attack misses).

You can have up to two stances "equipped" at a time, and can switch between them at-will, but each switch incurs a 10-second cooldown. And you can swap out stances at any time outside of combat.

And I was pretty much a crafting machine today, leveling up my new rev by doing so (remember, in this game leveling crafting levels YOU up as well). Eventually, I got him to level 45. So, some good progress today! And with robean and Keitaro87 dropping by and us having some great convo, it made the progress even greater. :)> And chances are, I might continue leveling him up off-stream as well.

And here's the LP vinyls that I played today:

Richard Pryor - it Something I Said?
Black Sabbath - Vol. 4
John F. Kennedy, The Memorial Album
Jethro Tull - Aqualung
Devo - Shout
Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes - Tooth, Fang, and Claw

Okay, time to call it a night. Thanks for tuning in, everyone. And have a good weekend. ;)>

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Miranda Madison

Twintania (Light)

The previous three games were amazing to play.

Joe Schmoe

Hyperion (Primal)

You mean Streets of Rage? Hadn't tried those. But if Cherry's laying some sonic smackdown in any of them - hint hint, don't really care for the other characters - hell yeah, I'll give them a go. :]
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