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Joe's Assorted Streams n' Stuff, 10/20 - 10/21


This morning I watched a PBS special called Richard Pryor: Icon. Good documentary. He's definitely a comedian I used to watch growing up. I'm glad I've got a few of his records as well. They definitely get some rotation from time to time when I stream.

And since my mind was still on comedians, I went ahead and watched a documentary about my all-time favorite comic, Robin Williams. He's another one I grew up watching, from his standups to Mork & Mindy to some of his movies. He's definitely one of my muses. :)>

So, for the Guild Wars 2 session I did the usual, getting my mat crafting on, and did that for about an hour-hour and a half. After that, I ran some fractal dungeons, in which I managed to actually complete every one of them! And I capped off the session by running a few storyline quests. A good time overall.

And my first day as a Twitch affiliate: Nearly all my regulars subscribed to my channel immediately! So, thanks for the honor of your presence. It means a lot, especially when you've all been following me for such a long time (at least a couple of years for most, with the grand prize going to 003atom_ant300, who started streaming when I did, around 3.5 years ago). And I've said it before, it's the regulars that make your stream. They're the biggest reason I keep on doing this (not the ONLY reason - anyone is welcome in my stream that isn't an asshole - just the biggest).

I also played some Pinball FX3 for about an hour, doing this week's matchups, as well as trying out the new tables (Dr. Dude, Space Station, and Funhouse) to close out the night. I would post up the video I recorded, but it got flagged for copyright by YouTube (Star Wars music), so I had to delete it. So much for that.

I did, however, have an epiphanous moment when playing the Dr. Dude table though.

Cliquez pour afficherCliquez pour cacher

And the records I played during Guild Wars 2 were:

Billy Cobham - Spectrum
The Alan Parsons Project - I Robot
Joni Mitchell - Court & Spark
Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced?
Pink Floyd - Obscured by Clouds


This morning ended up being a Guild Wars 2 stream. I was originally going to try doing that Bozjian mini-game in FF XIV, but come to find out that I'd have to do a metric-ton of quests - and possibly a raid or two as well - in order to get there. No thanks (at least for now). So I ended up playing some Guild Wars 2 instead, just doing my usual, working on crafting mats then doing some fractal runs, where all but one I had to bail out of. And one of them was due to it being EVERYONE'S first time there. Talk about the blind leading the blind!

A good Guild Wars 2 session this evening. Like usual, it was on my warrior alt (Good Ol' Charlie Brown). And I didn't do as much crafting this time around, as I did a lot of it during this morning's stream. So instead, I did a couple of level 60 storyline quests.

And then a new visitor named Robean came by and offered to run some fractal dungeons with me. And man, this guy is an expert! He talked us - and yes, I said "us". Ran with quite a few new people this time around, one was even newer than ME! - through the mechanics of all the fights. Was actually patient with us as well, telling us/me to stick around and we'll get auto-revived when getting past certain areas, or actually explaining stuff in better detail than what I'm used to (instead of "Charlie push 1." Me: "What?........." it's "Charlie Brown push button 1. I marked it on the map."). I've been unjustly kicked from groups before because I don't understand "Joe stand on button." -_- So, I definitely hope to see more of him.

And here's the LP vinyls that I played today:

The Doobie Brothers - Minute by Minute
Suicide - Self-Titled Debut
Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician
The Dubliners - More of the Hard Stuff
Tom Waits - Small Change

Buuut anyway, have to get ready for work now. <Take care.>, everyone. And thanks for watching/reading. And have a great night/day. ;)>

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