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Joe's Sunday Stream, 4/20/2020


Like yesterday, I wanted to stream Grim Dawn, but I got some bad sleep due to my neck and right shoulder hurting, and couldn't find a good sleep position. I must've tweaked them at work or something. But, I ended up calling in from work because of this.

From the Maine state line.

I also tried fasting again, and did a little better, lasting 10 hours before having to eat something, (a banana and some salad), as opposed to last time, where I lasted 8.

I'm also beginning to view fasting as taking a long trip. You could go all the way from point A to point B without stopping, but that would take incredible fortitude, something I don't have (yet?). Or, at the other end of the spectrum, you could take numerous stops along the way, making it a much less stressful ride, but you definitely won't be getting there any time soon, if at all. Something that I really began thinking about when doing this. There's a parallel here. So far, just like how I am IRL, I'm the type of person that likes to make stops when my fuel tank is at the 50% mark, just to be safe. We'll see if I can last longer over time, and taking fewer "stops"....

So, back to this game again. Today's session was pretty much like the others, leveling my dancer via hunts and beast tribe quests. I also did the level 63 and 66 dancer quests as well, and apparently we have to stop the evil "Dread Dance" from taking over all of Eorzea, or something like that (didn't really read all the cutscene dialogue, as I was too tired to focus).

I also did a 50/60/70 roulette (Saint Mochaine's Arboretum), with the dreaded tank on a hot date. Mass-pulls, but doesn't give anyone a chance to kill all the monsters in an encounter, taking off when there's still 1-2 left. Some probably don't mind this, but I like it if everyone moved together, and not have the tank constantly running off, trying to be a maverick. Very annoying. We're a team, not a tank with 3 hangers-on.

I also did a leveling roulette and got Dzamael Darkhold, and got another mass-puller. But this one was smart, and knew when to not do it (the area where there's lots of crystal AoEs and the area with the "countdown" spots where everyone has to step on first come to mind). So, the runs were like Yin & Yang this time around.

And I also did a squadron dungeon run, something I haven't done in a very long time. And I figured out why. You sure don't get much XP from those. I think at the end of the run (Fractal Continuum) I got as much XP as you do from one beast tribe quest, not really worth it.

Oh, and before I forget I also crafted all my level 68 gear, since my dancer hit level 67 today. Almost there!

And today's vinyl records were:

Bill Justis - Plays 12 More Big Instrumental Hits
Todd Rundgren - Todd
Richard Pryor - it Something I said?
Jethro Tull - This Was
Funkadelic - Self-Titled Debut

Okay, calling it a night (3:30am here, just now finishing this blog post). Thanks everyone, for reading/watching. And have yourselves a pleasant night/day. ;)>

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Commentaires (2)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

I think trying to fast really depends on how physically active you are when you attempt it. The more energy you expand, the faster you will get to the point where you REALLY got to eat something. On the other had, if you don't do too much, you won't get as hungry till later and it works better.

Also, I know this is silly, but getting sick ACTUALLY helps with this. When I was really sick in Dec, I did not want to eat much at all and ended up losing 20 lbs in the process. ;p

Joe Schmoe

Hyperion (Primal)

Agreed! I also forgot to mention that I did a workout as well, as I now have 3 days off to recup. I'm trying to make it kind of a 1-2 punch combo for me for weight/fat loss, working out and fasting. I'll probably have more on this on my next blog post, if I can remember to do so. :]

Agreed on the sicky-sicky part as well. Appetite goes out the window when you're sick. Not that I'd WANT to be sick or anything lol...
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