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Joe's Grim (Dawn) Weekend (FF XIV too!), 2/17/2020


Played me some good 'ol Grim Dawn today. Pretty good session, albeit a bit stressful. I think I was ticking off some of my viewers because I play this game "wrong", and basically said something to the effect of "My game, my rules" and caused someone to go:

Can't please everybody, I guess. :(>

Otherwise, I actually mixed it up a bit today, playing all 3 of my characters. Played my weakest one, and got in over my head at one area, and nearly got killed!


Super early stream - like, almost 2 hours early - due to lack of sleep (sinus issues, surprise surprise)

Aaaaaand some more Grim Dawn today. And I went ahead and bought all the DLCs for the game, figuring I'm going to be playing this game a while. May just as well as buy them now. And I also explained to everyone why Grim Dawn is my favorite ARPG. Felt good to get that out. :)>

Transmogged my gear, and even did a few transmog runs as well. I wonder what the GD community would say if I said something like "Transmog is the true endgame!" lol.

I unlocked the blacksmith in this game, and it looks like these guys took a page out of the Diablo 3 playbook. Now I have a use for all the mats I've been grabbing lol.

I also created a necromancer character (mostly a summoner and caster, with a little bit of melee), but it's going nowhere with this guy right now, so I might end up scrapping this one and starting over.


Did my FF XIV stream today. I worked on my healer role quests this time. And like usual,...:

They go from this:

To what I'd call a very not-a-sin-eater creature (actually she looks more like a scrunched down Dark Elf -_-). Very anticlimactic.:

Now this is how they should be doing sin eaters:

Not turning them into pretty purple peoples, basically just a glamour job (Mogstation!).

But anyway, after that was done. I just went ahead and made my list of level 72 bard gear, for when I start leveling my bard next, and then just called it a night.

Here's the LPs I played this evening:

The Honolulu Guitars - Hawaii, Isle of Paradise / The Charles "Kaipo" Serenaders - Hawaiian Paradise
Johnny Cash - The Sound of Johnny Cash
Funkadelic - Self-Titled Debut
Jigs on the Green (Irish folk music)

Okey dokey, time to call it a night. <Take care.>, everyone, and have yourselves a great day/night. ;)>

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