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Joe's Baldur's Gate/FF XIV stream, 11/29/2019


Good Thursday morning upper chest workout, doing my usual "incline" cable crossovers, Standing "incline" chest presses (sans the extra bands around the upper arms), and Dumbbell incline bench presses.

Played some Baldur's Gate Thursday evening. Real good time, although unfortunately I lost another party member (I'm playing with perma-death). I picked up another one, but I don't like him as much (ranged physical > ranged magical). And still stuck in the "Nashkel Mines" quest, so I must be missing something in there. >.<

For Friday's session I was only on FF XIV for about a half an hour, during which I just did my usual retainer ventures and squadron stuff, then I just focused on making and selling glamour prisms. And after that, I went and switched over to Baldur's Gate. I created a paladin, but ended up going belly up when he killed an innocent - despite the fact that he was attacked first by a guard, which apparently are classified as innocents for some reason :\> - and became a fallen paladin (loses all paladin abilites and becomes a regular fighter, without any of the benefits), so I just killed him off. After that, I created a regular half-Orc sword-and-board fighter, and created a custom party with my monk and thief, and started over yet again with the storyline.

And the vinyls I played today were:

The Doobie Brothers - Minute by Minute
Ivan Rebroff (Russian opera music)
Thin Lizzy - Self-Titled Debut
Todd Rundgren - Todd (sides 3 & 4, with sides 1 & 2 not being present when I bought this)
Grofe - Grand Cayon Suite

Nap time, then I have to get ready for work. Thanks for reading/watching, guys. And see you all on Monday (I'll be playing Baldur's Gate over the weekend) ;)>

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