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Joe's Busy Weekend, 11/9/19-11/11/19


Oh, I forgot to mention on Friday: The workout was another hit-or-miss, like last week. My usual
"incline" cable crossovers, "decline" cable crossovers, and the standing chest presses went very well (although the "decline" crossovers could be better if I can find a higher anchor point - due to how the exercise works - which I'm having no luck finding). And like always, I'm using resistance bands wrapped around the stairway railing just outside my apartment. On the other hand I tried doing sumo squats, but now it was causing my left knee to hurt. I can't seem to win for losing with this exercise right now. -_- I've also started doing what are called face pulls. Excellent exercise, but not something I'd want to do when I have to go to work that day, where I already do a lot of heavy lifting (voice of experience). I'll probably start doing this one only on my days off.

Tried out a game called Transistor on Saturday and Sunday. I liked most everything about it - art style and music especially - but a few gameplay mechanics really make this game not much fun (to me).

• One, gameplay is a combination of real-time and tactical (you can pause the game while you plan a bunch of moves in advance) combat. In theory it's pretty revolutionary, but in practice it doesn't really work for me. I'll just spend most of my time in "tactical planning" mode, and then avoiding all the bad guys until my tactical ability comes back up (5 second cooldown), especially when considering that a). I can't heal myself right now, b). Unlike Bastion you don't get a shield to block stuff with, and c). You can't use any abilities except one during the cooldown, so going in tactical mode is pretty much mandatory, otherwise stuff really fucks you up in this game! May just as well as have made this game a tactical RPG, not an action one. :/>

• Secondly, when you die, you lose a random (I think) ability for the next 1-2 battles. Basically, this is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. Eventually, at the rate I was going (I had already died twice and lost 2 of my abilities), I'll eventually have no abilities at all (or maybe one, but still.....). There's a retry option, but then that just means that I'll be proactively - ie. when my health gets too low - retrying the same area over and over. Not quite what I'd call a good time.

But I played this game for a couple days and then I cried UNCLE! and then on Saturday I switched over to Pinball FX3. I was only on for about an hour and a half on Sunday because of alarm clock stupidity. At 11:30am I had to reset my alarm clock to my usual 4pm wake-up time, and I set my actual time to . . . . . 11:30PM. <Oops!>. Luckily, I caught myself when it was 5:30pm before I slept all into the night!

And for Monday, a good resistance band workout, just like above. I also did my sumo squats as well, but this time I decided to try something different, and use resistance bands instead of a 50-pound dumbbell for this exercise. Worked wonders! I still need to make adjustments on this exercise though, but otherwise this version is way better than the dumbbell version, easier on the back and knees. And a small sample vid of my workout can be found here (I tried doing a vid of my sumo squats, but the only view I got was my ass moving up and down >:|>).

And for the FF XIV session it wasn't anything too fancy. I focused on leveling my paladin, doing the usual hunts, a couple trials, the Holminster and part of the Dohl Mheg trust dungeons. And eventually I got him to level 74. So, it'll be paladin until level 75, then back to gunmage gunslinger gunbreaker. And after all that I went ahead and crafted a bunch of glamour prisms - mainly so me and Keitaro87 can actually have a chat without distractions - and tried to sell them, after which both me and Keitaro87 decided to call it quits. Him, so he can get some sleep, and me so I can get going on this super-long blog post.

And here's the records I played today:

Led Zeppelin - Physical Grafitti
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
Alice Cooper - Love it to Death
Turk Murphy - Barrelhouse Jazz

Okay, time to call it a night <Take care.>, everyone. And see you all on Wednesday (will probably stream . . . . . something . . . . . on Tuesday). ;)>

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