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Joe's Shorter Than Normal Stream, 7/3/2019

Short stream today. I got my gunbreaker to level 68 via duties, hunts, and beats tribes. But shortly after I kept getting kicked offline, so I just quit playing and switched over to good 'ol Two Point Hospital instead. So much for that. -_-

Here's the records I played today:

Bill Cosby - Why is There Air?
The Alan Parsons Project - Tales of Mystery and Imagination
KISS - Self-Titled Debut

Okay, time for a nap and then get ready for work. Hopefully tomorrow I can play a full FF XIV session without it going kaput on me. But until then, <Take care.>, one and all. <I must now take my leave.> ;)>

Why I Stream. and 20 Streamer Rules I Always/Don't Always/Never Follow.
Joe's Workout Videos
My Youtube Channel.
Records and some gunblade leveling. Shooting for level 68.
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