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Joe's Stream, 7/2/2019

A so-so session today. I did my usual, Custom Deliveries and Doman Donations, neither of which went that well. Found out the hard way that you can no longer turn in Handmaster Rings for seals, nor can you sell them in vendor shops. Good waste of yellow scrip. >:(> Mucho liquidation afoot!

I also did my Doman Donations, but the cutscenes were marred by rain, which made for a not-as-good experience. -_-

I also ran my usual hunts and duties and beast tribes and PvP. And I got Qarn on my leveling roulette. Way better group of sprouts than last time! Fights went nice and smooth, with little to no deaths (healers still get one-shot by the second boss for some reason). Eventually getting level 67 on my gunbreaker.

And the truck driver known as Ginana76 dropped by. Good to see him! Been a while. Apparently he was having medical issues, which was why he hadn't been gaming in a while. Hope he gets better. :(>

Aaaaand I got in another workout this morning, this time going lighter, since I haven't worked out in almost a week. Still need to get my chops back.

For the licorice discs I spun today, they were:

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle
Mozart - Eine Klein Nachtmuzik, and other songs
Prince - For You
Sonny Rollins - The Standard Sonny Rollins

And okey dokey, that's the session for today. And I'll try for another Two Point Hospital session like I did yesterday morning (oh, what a game!). Hope that turns out great. But until then,
<I must now take my leave.> ;)>

Why I Stream. and 20 Streamer Rules I Always/Don't Always/Never Follow.
Joe's Workout Videos
My Youtube Channel.
Vinyls, weeklies, and some gunbreaker leveling. Busy busy!
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