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Starting ALL Over (aka reading the story)

Back in 1.0 I read everything.
Then after that 1yr break SE gave the game, I started skipping every single cutscene at ARR cause why not, us Legacies knew half the game right? Then it became a habit....
If anything happened to anyone, I did not know it. Only by memes and fanart did I find out what happened. I barely knew who fell and who didn't. I did not buy any story skips, but I sure did ESC fast for the cutscenes.

After I finished all quests/subquests/miniquests and 9 years down the road, I gained curiosity, patience, and time to go back and make an alt on another account. (This was right before they implemented the New Story+ feature) The Shadowbringers story line got my interest peeked in the games history. This time I'm reading every single burp, shit, and fart there is to read and reread from the NPCs including them auto talking when you get near.

After nearly a decade of playing, this old game seems like a whole new game.

Main character.

The new character I'm discovering Eorzea with.
Hai my pretty boi
I feel like I'm attached to him more because I'm actually reading the story, all subquests included.
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