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Help Us Stress Test Ahead of Shadowbringers

In preparation for the release of Shadowbringers, we will be performing stress tests to verify server stability in field areas. Simply join the specified large-scale FATE by using the World Visit system coming in Patch 4.57. Warriors of Light, please lend us a hand!

* The stress test has concluded on May 1, 2019. Thank you for your assistance!



Specific times in late April to mid-May


Throughout the above period, the large-scale FATE “A Horse Outside” will spawn at specific times.

How to Participate

We will announce the World in which the FATE has spawned in the form of an in-game system message. We ask players to join the FATE by using the World Visit system.

* We will not announce the precise location or spawn time for the FATE in advance.
* There may be times where players cannot enter the FATE area due to restrictions on the maximum number of players.

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