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Playing FFXIV PS4™ Using PlayStation®5 Backward Compatibility

The PlayStation®5 supports the ability to play the PS4™ version of FFXIV using backward compatibility. We encourage users to read over a few important details regarding this process.

Installing the PS4™ Version on the PlayStation®5

There are no special requirements to play on a PlayStation®5 using backward compatibility. However, the installation process will vary depending on whether users are playing the physical or digital download version of FINAL FANTASY XIV for the PS4™.

Physical Version

Insert the PS4™ game disc into the disc drive of the PlayStation®5 and proceed with the installation.

* As the PlayStation®5 Digital Edition does not feature a disc drive, physical version users should read over the instructions on how to access the digital download version and proceed with the instructions below.

Digital Download Version

On the PlayStation®5, select game library from your Games home and proceed with the download and installation of FFXIV.

* You must sign into the PlayStation®5 with the same PlayStation™Network account that you use to play the PS4™ version of FFXIV.
* PS4™ Free Trial users can also download and install the game through the game library.

Character Settings

Character settings are not automatically transferred. To transfer your character settings data, you will need to use the Server Backup function to back up your data, which can then be restored on the PlayStation®5.

Learn more about the Server Backup function.

System Configuration

To play the game at a higher resolution, navigate to the “System Configuration” → “Display Settings” → and select the “PS4™Pro” option which allows you to play at a higher resolution using settings designed for the PS4™Pro.
* This setting will only be applied when connected to a 4K-compatible display.

Visit the official PlayStation®5 backward compatibility FAQ for more details regarding backward compatibility.

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