FINAL FANTASY XIV Updated (Jun. 16)

FINAL FANTASY XIV was updated at the time below.
* Game clients will update automatically upon launch.

[Date & Time]
Jun. 16, 2016 12:20 a.m. (PDT)

[Affected Service]

[Update Details]
■ FINAL FANTASY XIV Hotfixes (Jun. 16) ■

■In accordance with the feedback we received regarding the timing of when a player would take damage from Nidhogg’s “Final Chorus” in “The Final Steps of Faith” and “The Minstrel's Ballad: Nidhogg's Rage” being too difficult to identify, we have adjusted it so that in those circumstances, additional monsters that appear cannot be targeted.

■The following issues have been addressed:

・An issue in “The Weeping City of Mhach”during the Ozma battle wherein “Meteor Impact” would still activate even after Ozmashade has been defeated.

・An issue in “The Weeping City of Mhach” wherein if a player attempts to warp back to the starting point after being K.O.’d during Ozma battle, their screen would blackout or they would be transferred to a location that is not the starting point.

・An issue in “Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)” wherein the battle against the Sanguine Sirens would not start under certain conditions.

・An issue in “Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)” wherein the “hide” status for the Barracuda elites would not wear off.

・An issue wherein the cutscene for the leatherworker class quest “Perfect Pitch” would not play properly after trading an item to NPC “Aubrenard.”(Windows version using DirectX 9, PlayStation®3, and Mac only)

・An issue wherein players would get stuck in a custscene for the quest “A Dream Fulfilled” after speaking to NPC “Ulan.”

・An issue wherein players would get stuck in a custscene in Ul’dah – Steps of Thal for the quest “The Legacies We Leave.”

・An issue wherein players would not be able to proceed with the quest “A Qiqirn Always Pays His Debts” under certain conditions.

・An issue in “The Fields of Glory (Shatter)” wherein players would be teamed up with players from a different Grand Company.

・An issue wherein a “Mission Ceruleum Voucher” is consumed even when queueing for “The Diadem” from inside the company workshop if you leave the company workshop after queueing.

・An issue wherein if a player uses a ground-targeted action, then attempt to automatically place the ground-target on the target with a macro, the macro would not work and the ground-target will not automatically be placed on the target.

・An issue wherein the input queue feature would occasionally not work properly for certain actions such as dark knight action “Grit” and white mage action “Cleric Stance.”

・An issue wherein if a player sets their ”Pet Hotbar Auto-display Settings (Character Config > Hotbar Settings)” to ”Display both pet hotbar and hotbar 1,” the system would not swap the hotbar back to hotbar 1 after the auto-display situation has ended.

・An issue wherein a player would be able to execute the sub-command “Search for Item by Crafting Method ,” then “Execute” while crafting an item.

・ An issue wherein the same item appears twice in Mogmul Mogbelly’s shop in the Churning Mists.

・ An issue wherein the “Lunar Summer Tanga” could not be bought from the “Recompense Officer” NPC despite fulfilling requirements to purchase it again.

・ An issue wherein flowers could not be placed in the following flower vases.
Riviera Vase / Glade Vase / Oasis Vase

・ An issue in wherein the game would start in windowed mode even if the display settings were set to borderless windowed mode. (Windows version using DirectX 9 only)

・ An issue wherein subtitles in certain cutscenes were not the correct size when High Resolution UI Settings were set to 150% or 200%.

・ An issue wherein the movement of the sun symbol on the navigation map was incorrect.

・ An issue wherein the client would crash when the text command "/grouppose" was executed under certain circumstances.

・An issue wherein the following items had the incorrect item name.

(Wrong) On Windy Meadows Orchestrion Roll
(Correct) Twilight Over Thanalan Orchestrion Roll

(Wrong) Whisper of the Land Orchestrion Roll
(Correct) On Windy Meadows Orchestrion Roll

(Wrong) Twilight Over Thanalan Orchestrion Roll
(Correct) Whisper of the Land Orchestrion Roll

・ An issue with the housing area wherein the choices of Wards 11 and 12 were incorrectly displayed in the "Select Housing Destination" window.

・ An issue wherein unnecessary text appeared in a certain portion of Orchestrion roll text.

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