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20.4.2021 #freetracy

Tracy CummoSpriggan (Chaos)

Hey its yo boy CEO of (ex) n***** wit attitude.

this morning i got F**** by the feds of SE (Officer Z******).
they retained me in a s*x dungeon and arrested me for crimes i committed.(having too much swag)
I am now in the jail and they treat me well, so don't worry about me.
the food here is sh*t honestly they feed me sticky rice with rat c*ck and some soy sauce.
my cell is quite nice TBF i got few cat girls here keeping me company.

my mom paid my bail and i will be released on 24th so please wait for me my brothers and sisters.

the government also stole my ID so I will need to change my name after i get released so I will be losing my last name. The one and only C*mblaster will be gone forever.


Much, much love
Tracy C*mblaster
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Martti Kuurne

Spriggan (Chaos)

Hello Tracy,

I'm glad that the h*****s found their way to you. As a member of the former NWA I'm most disappointed in the actions of the feds and pray you will be released in a timely manner.
While you are gone I shall take over as the leader of the former NWA and find the snitch that put this horrible fate upon our FC. I'm also most saddened about your loss of identity I can't fathom how it must feel like, I can't picture a future without the C*mblasters. Here's to a hastely return to your beloved former FC.

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