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A Night to Di[n]e Event

Shirobara StarCactuar (Aether)

In celebration of a successful first phase of Ishgardian Restoration, the Hakumei Group is invited to an elaborate dinner party in Foundation. Unfortunately, the serving sizes leave much to be desired, and the starving collaborate throws an after-party back at their own estate to compensate. The festivities seem to be going well until a snow storm hits the manor unnaturally hard, breaking open the windows and stifling all light just long enough for a scream to be heard somewhere in the darkness…
By the time bright has returned, the group gathers in the foyer to discover, to their horror, an unconscious figure dumped on the staircase. Phoenix downs aside, the more prudent question is… who did this? Where? And with what? One individual might have a clue, but he isn’t exactly the speaking type…

Event Breakdown:
The goal of this event is to solve the mystery of who did what, where, and with which item.
Once per 24 hours, an item will appear in the FC house that was not there before. Take note of what item it was, and it’s location---this is a clue. The items will rotate every 24 hours, and previous items will disappear, so if you can’t sign in, check with your FC mates to see what you may have missed.
Also once per 24 hours, Señor Sabotender will hide somewhere in the FC house. If you can find him, he will give you an additional clue per day.
You may make only 2 accusations during the course of the event. If neither of your accusations are correct, you are prohibited from further accusations, but may continue to collect information and help other players.

Full Writeup, Rules, Details:

Any questions/concerns/feedback feel free to get with me! Let's crack this case!
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