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The Aim of M.E.G.A.

Ashe SoulstrikeZalera (Crystal)

2020 and 2020 part 2 has been interesting to say the least. Emotions flying, people dying, economies collapsing. Look, this are bad enough out there, I want to make sure this is a chill environment. To me, this constitutes a group of people that obviously get together, and get along, but it goes deeper. You can rest assured our members are not going to fly off the handle over some pronoun. THAT being said, we are basically brand new, founded on 1-14-21. We are a small group, but growing all the time. We have our FC House in The Goblet, Ward 2, plot 1. We are not only near the entrance just across the bridge, and to the right, but we have several vendors, bell, and Market Board literally only a few steps from the FC. I am all about the glow, and so our FC Estate reflects that. I am all about immersiveness. ln regards to content, advice on classes, Duty Roulette's, dungeons, trials, raids, mount runs, glamour runs, farming runs, as well as in the future I would like to coordinate times for everyone that wants to roll a BLU, and go grab cool abilities together. There are many things on the horizon, so join us, and #MakeEorzeaGreatAgain! :D
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