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Recrutement - Cute Devils



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17:00 3:00
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#N18, EN, Anime, Chill, RP
#Amateurs de jeu de rôle
#Débutants bienvenus
#Joueurs sociaux
#Jeu détendu
Hey! I try keep it short since not too many people are interested in reading essay i think ^^
So yes, we are recruiting ^^ and just so you know we are N18 so might hear or see some lewds ;P
Since we got this clear, we can move further ^^
Whats our fc goal?:
Nothing hardcore. From time to time FC events, raids and ofc glam, mounts farms.
I don't even talk about daily roulette with is kinda obious, but keep in mind some people can't come at time you trying to do roulette or normal dungeon. There always are some people who afk, in dungeon already or bussy irl and just chilling around ^^
Extremes, Fc events and so (planned content) is other story :)
And don't forget about RP, we might even raid some clubs hehe :P
Also keep in mind that nobody are forced to participate to any of those, you join if you want if you dont, you dont. ^^
We arent trying to make gaming feel like job with have to be online each day for raid or something like at work you know. We just want chill and have some fun. :3
Isn't gaming about that? :P

FC Size?:
We aiming to be mid size fc. I have been in small and big guilds and not only in ffxiv.
Small Fc has lact of online problem, want to do something or ask something? there is ~5 people online they dont know, afk or can't come..
Big Fc has other problem. Hard to manage and more drama obviously "sighs..." i can bet nobody likes drama and in other game i was mainly playing it was like daily routine.. so trust me i don't like it eather and do my best to solve it. Worst case kick from fc if it comes to that.
And other thing that people does't know wtf is going on ion there since there is too many people and people just end up staying in fc for buffs or private chamber room..
Anyways, we aim to be mid size fc (around 30 people average online) so people know each other in fc, since we do players events so people can meet in them not only in fc chat.
Easier to solve drama if there is one. There are more people online so they can help with question or dungeon if needed. Ofc there always be someone bussy, afk and so on.
But there is more chance ;)
And yes. fc might have 100 or 200 people in it, but remember there are people who taking week or moth break from it coz of real life things or just want small break :)

Old, new and returning player friendly?:
In short, yes. We are helping to new players with questions and maybe help to clean one or another dungeon. Shorten DPS ques with TANK or HEALER help ;P
As for old, and ruturning players and ofc hard core players we also do raids trials and so on so i can't say that we arent friendly ^^ no one left asside :3

Do we have active Dsicord?:
Yes, and only for fc members so strangers wont be wondering around and we know who is who. ^^
We plan your activities, post our fc photos, art and ofc lewd chat in #nsfw ^^

Additional info:
Even early at the morning there is atleast 5 people online so i can say we are active 24/7 more or less :P
Most active at evening like every where else after work and so on.
Can contact me via discord: Qzi#2258 or in game since on this page respense might take a while.. xd
I said wont write assay so i write a whole book instead, wasnt lying dont i? KEKW
Thx for reading this far but wanted to make things clear as possible. :)
Hope to see you soon!

Qzi <3

Profil du groupe










Shirogane, secteur 5, parcelle 37 [Grand]

Description du logement



Prenez contact avec les membres de ce groupe en vue de le rejoindre !

Profil du recruteur

Membre du groupe

Nina SharlenAlpha [Light]

Online almost 24/7 xd



Arata OkumuraAlpha [Light]

Hey i was wondering if you guys were still recruiting? i am not a fan of a huge fc tho so wonder if how big was this mid size gonna be?


Membre du groupe Nina SharlenAlpha [Light]

Hey, if you still interested, we still do, indeed there are plenty of people in fc, but we do have some unactive, most likely hit 30lvl and back to their main servers.. anyways, our average online is 10-20 ppl. And we not going for big fc title ^^

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Avalia PeZodiark [Light]

Are you guys active early mornings?


Membre du groupe Nina SharlenAlpha [Light]

Hey! :3 Yep, we kinda active 24/7 i never saw lower than 5 online, we do have to sleep sometimes.. xd

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Tsukiko KaguyaMarilith [Dynamis]

What time zone is your most active hours? I'm a displaced NA server gal just joining EU servers hoping for a new start.


Membre du groupe Nina SharlenAlpha [Light]

Fc active 24/7 xd I in GMT +3 and there are few people from NA, so far everyone is happy :3

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Ava RiceAlpha [Light]

Heyyo was interested in joining are you guys still recruiting?


Membre du groupe Nina SharlenAlpha [Light]

We still do ^^

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Membre du groupe Laurenssen GrimholtAlpha [Light]

I'm interested in joining if I still can


Membre du groupe Nina SharlenAlpha [Light]

oki doki :3

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Taz DevilAlpha [Light]

Looking for a happy medium fc im a returning player starting again used to do alot of map runs and mount runs and always helped out where i could


Membre du groupe Nina SharlenAlpha [Light]

Hey, welcome to join us! ^^ I might contact you in the game.

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Garasu YuzukaTwintania [Light]

Hiya! I hope I find you well! My name is Garasu and I manage a fellow FC in Twintania named Deathrow! I am scouting for like-minded Free Companies to expand our Fellowship of Companies. The idea is to create steady organised content for our members and possibly yours! If the idea sounds somewhat enticing please add me on Discord to discuss further! Garasu Yuzuka#9145
Regardless, thank you for spending time reading this, and apologies for reaching out here, I tried to add Qzi#2258 but it failed..


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