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    Mode JcJ : toutes missions où le but est de combattre d'autres joueurs.
Compagnie libre

Recrutement - Spirit Blossom



Heures d'activité
En semaine
5:00 22:00
5:00 24:00
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#spirit blossom
#Débutants bienvenus
#Étudiants bienvenus
#Amateurs de jeu de rôle
#Travailleurs bienvenus
Welcome to the SPIRIT BLOSSOM traveler!

[Cherry Blossom]<MOCHI> is opening their gates for those who seek a comfy and kind community to relax and have fun with!
If you want to be a part of our adventures of gathering around, joining some nice FC parties, creating fun events (such as games and RP-events), do mount farms, leveling, endgame content, raids or just relax and have a talk with others, you can join us!

About Us
We are a kind and caring FC on the new server Sagittarius! Currently we are having a nice comfy discord server and a FC Mansion on Shirogane [W3P16]!
Our goal is to create an active and kind community where everyone can join, stay as long as they want to enjoy their time with us!
As the guiding spirit of the FC it's very important for me to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere where everyone can have fun together and feel welcome and safe.
Our gates are open for new players, veterans, raiders, farmers, rp-ers, people who like to gather around people but also people who just want to chill and maybe enjoy their time by themselves!
We are working on building a structure in our FC where everyone can contribute to building up the FC, being able to give their wishes and suggestions and have someone to talk to if they need to!

What we offer
• A kind and caring community
• Help for beginners
• Community events
• Walk dailies together
• A nice FC Mansion in Shirogane [W3P16]
• Mount/glamour farming
• EXP Buff and more buffs soon
• LGTBQ+ friendly community
• RP events
• Comfy discord server!
• A huge collection of tutorials
• The possibility to actively form the community!
• A place to hangout with your friends
• A no-bully policy

What we expect from you
• Be kind and respectful
• Do respect peoples boundaries
• Be yourself and have fun
• You should be able to write English
• You can be online whenever you want (no pressure!)
• You can join the discord but it's not a must
• Do whatever makes you happy!
• You can always suggest new things or request to become a moderator/guardian!

How to join

• You can DM one of our spirit guardians on discord or ingame:
- Scaldore Mora | Obidexter#8514
- Ajay Ghale | nihilvm#5161
- Benevolent Shishi | ShiShiBa#3720
- Gripen Selden | PROX#2994

• You can add me ingame Mizuki Aki on Saggitarius or dm me on discord みずき#1366

• Or you can comment down below! We try to check in here as often as possible! The fastes way should be the first one!

I hope you have a wonderful Day!

Profil du groupe










Shirogane, secteur 3, parcelle 16 [Grand]

Description du logement

The Spirit Blossom


Prenez contact avec les membres de ce groupe en vue de le rejoindre !

Profil du recruteur

Membre du groupe

Mizuki AkiSagittarius [Chaos]



Membre du groupe Felinya AmiellaSagittarius [Chaos]

Hi. Ahm, i was looking for some FC's in FF XIV and yours looked quiet appealing to me so i wanted to ask if i could join?
I'm still new to the game and try to get everything right and all say it's better to join a FC.
So yes, here i am lol.
Couldn't find you ingame and DM on Discord also didn't worked so i try it this way.

Wish you a nice weekend, or better a nice rest of the weekend and maybe i'll hear from you.



Aerneria DawnSagittarius [Chaos]

Heya, I tried to message in game but seems you're offline, moved to Sagi not long ago and looking for a social place to meet some people and make some friends, your fc sounds wholesome, would like an invite if possible :)


Thalassa TefnutSagittarius [Chaos]

Hi im Thalassa and pretty new in game not that much im doing stormblood now and looking for an FC with a lovely community, i would like an invite pls :D i also have discord tried to join and its no possible sadly


Bow PeepSagittarius [Chaos]

Hello there , been trying to catch you online for a couple of days , I would really like to join your fc, already checked out the house . hope you dont lock people in that jail downstairs


Micaiah SageSagittarius [Chaos]

Henlo, was wondering if you guys are still recruiting :D

P.S new to FF14/MMO's, probably have 0 clue what I'm doing. Also added you on discord but its been 24h so im trying here instead

(modifié)  -

Delna DalrostSagittarius [Chaos]


Would like to join. I'm new to the game and working my way through the story while enjoying all the content on offer. Would love to hang out every once in a while.


Albara AmbrosiaSagittarius [Chaos]

Hello! I'm currently looking for an FC and I love your vibe. (>^<)/
I am finishing shadowbringers atm and learned the importance of friendship. Save this poor, lost soul and let me join your FC.
Don't worry, I'm very low maintanace and potty trained. You don't even have to let me in the house, I can just lay on the yard.
When it comes to my fighting skills, I like facing the enemy head on. It triggers my flight or fight responce, and I happen to be a flightless bird.
Anyway, pls....LET ME IN!!


-- -- ----

Hey are you still recruiting ? I’m sprout with tank anxiety looking for nice fc to help each other and have fun !:)


Membre du groupe Mizuki AkiSagittarius [Chaos]

Hi lili! We are still accepting new blossoms yes! Since we don't kick anyone who is inactive it's pretty good to keep accepting invites so we always have an active core of people :>
If you are still looking, just let me know whenever you are online and i can inv you

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Membre du groupe Mizuki AkiSagittarius [Chaos]

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for showing interest in joining us!
I just found out that there can be comments here! So I'm so sorry for not replying here earlier! I will check in every day now!

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Chabi GesiSagittarius [Chaos]

hi :) I sent a message on Discord but thought I'd leave one here too, interested in joining as I've never been a part of an FC before and this one sounds like it'd be a nice fit for me - if you'll have me


Eva MarielSagittarius [Chaos]

Hello there! I'm a new player, purchased the game today after playing a little bit on the free trial and I would love to find a group of friendly people to share my new adventures with! I can't sadly visit the house, I think it's in a part of the game I have not unlocked yet! So I thought I'd poke here! My discord is Fae#6238, if I'm not online in game, I am usually available on discord!
Thank you for reading!

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