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    Les compagnies libres sont des groupes que les joueurs d'un même Monde peuvent rejoindre.

    Les joueurs qui font partie d'une compagnie libre (CL) peuvent par exemple discuter tous ensemble sur un canal de discussion privé ou acheter une maison de compagnie libre. Ils peuvent aussi utiliser des "bienfaits", des actions spéciales qui leur sont réservées et permettent entre autres d'augmenter l'expérience reçue pour tous les membres pendant un certain temps.

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    Trouvez l'équipe la plus adaptée pour vous, entraînez-vous ensemble et visez le haut du classement !

    Mode JcJ : toutes missions où le but est de combattre d'autres joueurs.
Compagnie libre

Recrutement - Revelation



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#Group Content
#Débutants bienvenus
#Travailleurs bienvenus
#Jeu détendu
#Contenu difficile

Hey all! Revelation is an FC that is looking for people to bring in and have a good time with a core focus on being an interactive community. There are no real requirements other than you wanting to just relax and have a good time with a great group of friendly people.

There's an equal mix of new, mid level and veteran players, each working on their own thing but always as a group. There's something for everyone. We also have a discord set up primarily to arrange parties to do dungeons, farm mounts, savages, extremes, or just to chat.

We also have a super cozy house that many of us hang out in when on our down-time. If you ever need a break, there will be a few of us there ready to talk and joke around.


For you.

For new players, we will gladly help out with dungeons and early leveling, give advice on classes and explain certain boss mechanics if you need them. We'll also help with gear if you need it.

For mid level players, getting you those early mounts is a sure thing. You can arrange a party on your own in the discord, or ask the FC to help you out. Either will work.

For those nearing 80 or who are already at end-game, farming Extremes, getting the late game mounts, weapons and gearing you up for Savages will be our focus for you. Giving you a spot/bench for our static if you want it.

If none of that interests you, and you're just looking for a place to feel welcomed and have people to talk to while you do your own thing, this is definitely the FC for you.


Contact us.

Kage Kodokuna is our resident tank expert. If any tanking questions come up, he's your go-to.

Sui Kaneki is our crafting and gathering expert. Anything you need, he can make.

Shin Okami is our raiding expert. She has made many written guides for our static. And is generally a really nice person.

I myself am a healer main. Maxed out on all healing classes. I'll keep you alive.

If you're a new player, you can find out more about our FC from any of us, just copy and paste one of these lines of text below into the game chat, to send us a direct message.

/tell Cake Custard@Cerberus

/tell Sui Kaneki@Cerberus

/tell Kage Kodokuna@Cerberus

/tell Shin Okami@Cerberus --- You can also message Shin on Discord directly @Shinpai#3001

Alternatively you can drop an application on this page, or in game at any time!

To apply in game, right click on anyone with the <Rev> tag and then click "View company profile" and "submit application."

Everyone is welcome!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Profil du groupe










La Coupe, secteur 22, parcelle 17 [Petit]

Description du logement



Prenez contact avec les membres de ce groupe en vue de le rejoindre !

Profil du recruteur

Membre du groupe

Cake CustardCerberus (Chaos)

I'm a healer main, focusing on keeping the group alive. I've dabbled in tanking and many types of DPS, so I am well aware of positioning and where I should be standing to get the most out of my healing capabilities and to also maximize DPS.



Membre du groupe Bolas VonCerberus (Chaos)

Dark Knight learning the game focusing on improving my gameplay to do group content when I reach end game content. Happy to help anybody ! c:


Membre du groupe Drubisy DiabitusCerberus (Chaos)

I am a Paladin, returning and relearning the game! my focus is to reach end game group content, and tank for everyone!


Darnoss RivierieCerberus (Chaos)

I'd like to join, i'm mostly just learning the game and looking for friends to play with. So would be happy to join.


Membre du groupe Kage KodokunaCerberus (Chaos)

We'd love to have you as part of our fun community! Drop me a whisper in game, or you can contact cake too!

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Membre du groupe Moe GharsanCerberus (Chaos)

Hello... i am a new player who is welling to learn... Level 46 BLM for now and going through the main story. looking for a friendly community to be a part of and eventually help concur the world. let me know if you're interested.


Membre du groupe Cake CustardCerberus (Chaos)

We'd love to have you. I'll send you a friend request in game right now :D

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Luna FryaCerberus (Chaos)

Hello .. I'm a new player in FFXIV and I do really enjoy this game :) . I am Level 50 SMN,SCH and I think I'm doing a lot of thing in a wrong way T_T. Wish to join and learn from u guys. Hope u like a noob healer in your team ;).


Membre du groupe Cake CustardCerberus (Chaos)

Of course! Anyone is welcome. Would love to have you. I'll be playing most of today so i'll send you a friend request and invite as soon as I see you online :D

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Membre du groupe Archeus JinCerberus (Chaos)

Hello I am a new FFXIV player looking for a FC to join, atm I am a lvl 80 GNB, love the tanking aspect of this game, got all other tanks at lvl 70, and an 80 BRD as well, looking for a chill place to play with friendly people, hopefully I will be able to play with you guys.


Membre du groupe Kage KodokunaCerberus (Chaos)

Sure thing! Drop us a DM in game, or apply and we will get you in :D

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Shani TenahrCerberus (Chaos)

Hey there, relatively fresh meat here, I tried the game out a year back (only played up to lvl 50) and I want to give it a shot for real now. Pretty much interestend in trying out everything and hoping to find some nice people to ask annoying questions to :P


Membre du groupe Cake CustardCerberus (Chaos)

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Busy couple of days. If you'd still like an invite just send me a tell in game and we'll get that sorted for you. <3

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Membre du groupe Cant BrickCerberus (Chaos)

Relatively new but and am interested in raiding playing mainly WM and Asto!


Membre du groupe Cake CustardCerberus (Chaos)

Oooh another healer! Would love to have you. I'll send an invite as soon as I can. <3

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Membre du groupe Satanio PointlessCerberus (Chaos)


long time player looking for a new FC. Mostly playing Tank. You guys seem like a nice bunch.
if you are still looking for new members or have any questions you can find me in game most of the time


Membre du groupe Kage KodokunaCerberus (Chaos)

Welcome to the FC Satanio :D

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