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What GIL FC does for us members

This will be my first blog post ever and I find it fitting for it to be about an FC that's so welcoming and warm as the Gilgamesh FC, which I have been apart of for, well, at least 5 years now. I don't remember too much about when I joined, but I have never had any bad memories of my in GIL.

They are very good at making fun events for the FC members especially during the seasonal events, such as having costume contests at Halloween and doing stuff together during special holidays in appropriate costumes.

They also put together mount runs, special duty runs, like Bozja and current duty runs that the patches add, which can be a big help for both shy players or players that are new to the content.
I myself have been part of many mount runs, and its always fun, especially when we voice chat over on Discord, and usually a lot of laughs have been had.

We have an FC discord server were most of the info about these runs are posted as well as the recruitment for them.

There are also a lot of helpful FC members that usually are happy to help if you ask.

Over all my time in FFXIV wouldn't have been as fun if I hadn't been a part GIL, and I'm grateful to my fellow FC-mates and the friendliness we share with each other.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to join GIL we are looking for new members.

Don't know if I'll write again, since I'm not a blogger, so until then

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