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[Tonberry] 6.2 Static Casual Recruitment

Thank you for reading!!
We are looking for static member for 6.2 and beyond!!
Based in Tonberry, Elemental DC

Recruitment Role
Tank 1: PLD
Tank 2: DRK

Healer 1: WHM/AST/SGE
Healer 2: SCH


* Prefer the basic 2 Melee composition, but open for anything
** Most of the previous static is busy with life, now we're looking for new family members

Raid Day and Time
Days are TBD, we will decide it later once we have everyone,
but we will raid 3 days per week (2 weekdays, 1 weekend),
2 lockout each so approx. 4 hours per day (7-11 PM).

*** Based on history it's WED FRI SUN, 7-11 PM GMT+7

Loot Priority
・All drop will be tracked in google sheet online.
・We will put our BIS and also sec weapon for our alt job.
We're not going to give everything to 1 DPS, it will be distributed equally.
・Everyone should at least stay until last floor drop 8 times.

Floor 1-3 Drop
・Equipment and Accessories: DPS > H > T
・Coating: DPS > H > T
・Fiber : T > DPS > H

Floor 4 Drop
・Body: T > H > DPS
・Mount: H > T > DPS
・Weapon Box: DPS > T > H

* During the basic strategy, DPS will be prioritized and equipment will be handed over.
** Please use your tokens and inform which equipment you're going to purchase, so we can adjust the loot for everyone (Applied from week 4+).
*** If you already get your main weapon, your weapon box will be at the latest priority,
**** We will make sure everyone at least get 1 weapon box

◆ Speak English, preferably with mic on Discord
◆ Please have stable internet connection during Raid Day
◆ Understand about their Job and how to improve
◆ Able to speak up if you got good ideas to help us clear easier
◆ Have fun while raiding, Remember it's casual not hardcore

Please consider to join us when you have those requirement.
I'm Okay if you're playing in PC or PS4, cause as long you're a good person,
Platform it's just a tool :)

That's It!!
Thank you so much for reading this far!
I think that there are some points that cannot be reached, but thank you for your kind support.

If you have any questions, consultations, etc., please contact
me on Twitter: AndyHariyanto
or Discord: AndyHariyanto#9194 !
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