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Which job is for you? *Melee DPS*

So which job is for you. This will be going through some different pro's and con's. Most of this like everything else I do will be from a raid perspective. However it does apply towards casual content. We will cover everything from damage to utility and how easy the class is to play versus it's yield.

Dragoon- Dragoon is a slow and heavy hitting class with a extremely simple and static rotation. The trick to dragoon is using it's jumps and OGCD's to boost its damage. At its core this class is quite simple to play but keeping positions, dodging and doing LOL dragoon stuff while maintaining damage can come quite difficult at times.

Damage 8/10

Dragoon's do pretty good damage when combined with it's RDPS. Flat dps is not that great, but when pairing dragoon with some strong team mates and a little synergy, the buffs dragoon brings to the table make's this class quite strong. However the flat line damage from this class can be low. It requires a lot of hardwork and optimizing to maintain those solid numbers.

Difficulty 9/10

Although this class at its core is quite simple. Dragoon is met with several serious problems that can make this class difficult for the average person to pick up. First all certain OGCD's at times have to be double weaved, but due to the animation have to be double weaved only between certain skills and some have to be done in a set order to reduce as much clipping as possible. Also jump's in general have to be used on cd in order to receive its full effect. And only 3 jumps can serve as a gap closer. The only gap closer that makes much sense to hold is your star diver. Since once your in life of the dragon state you have 30 seconds to use this cd. Again you have to make a choice if its better to use during a buffed window or if you need to hold and use as a gap closer to prevent loss of a GCD. This class to play full optimal is actually pretty difficult.

To further increase the difficulty some jumps need to be used between GCD's requiring positional. For instance in your opener you use jump before wheeling thrust. If your not already positioned in the rear after Chaos Thrust, when you use jump you will miss your position or you will clip. After you land you must then reposition to the flank before using Spineshatter Dive. If you don't yet again you will delay your GCD before moving to the correct position.

Heard you like positionals, although monk has the most positionals dragoon actually has the most difficulty managing. Due to the fact Monk had riddle of earth which negates 30 seconds of positions along with true north. Dragoon has out of its 10 GCD rotation has 5 positional. And guess what only has true north to help out. Not to mention again the jumps. So while your double weaving OGCD's and struggling to preposition now you have to spam true north to hit as many as possible for when you have no other way to hit them.

Then we have things like E6s where a large portion of the opening part of the fight has a middle part of doom which is extremely easy to land in while jumping. Now having to risk life and limb in order to keep up your rotation.

It's a good thing dragoon's rotation is so simple cause the class in general to play optimally is very difficult.

Raid Utility 9/10

Dragoons are still one of the most sought after classes. Nearly every class directly benefits from Battle Litany. With the exception of Warrior who really doesn't benefit. Add the eye and dragoons are a great friend to bring to battle.

Samurai- Is the hard hitting selfish, BLM class of the melee world. We don't bring anything to the table except big boi dps.

Damage 10/10

Samurai's are monsters in the dps world. Even bad Samurais can pump out a ton of good damage keeping up with good melee's in other classes. You get a good Samurai and they can easily carry the overall Raid DPS for the group.

Difficulty 5/10

It's rotation can't be off putting. It's not overly static as you will rotate between your 3 combos and it changes here or there what order you do as the combo contines. So if you need a static rotation to help keep you in line you might find this class difficult. However with only two positions to worry about, a 1 min burst window I find this class quite easy to achieve high dps number.

Raid Utility 0/10

Your bring nothing to help anyone else out. Everything you do is selfish. Now with the adjustment to FFLogs people no longer shy away from Samurai's. Since FFlogs contributes what you do as a whole including raid buffs. However if your not a good Samurai and your not bringing strong numbers your not pulling your weight. If your going to be a selfish DPS well you need to be a good dps.

Monk- Is a fast pace constantly moving dps. That does lots of small amount of damage very quickly. It's damage is only second to a Samurai and it brings some utility to the party.

Damage 9/10

Monk actually is a very strong melee class. It's always been number 1 or number 2 in dps. It's a fast pace GCD class with a few OGCD's from Chakra stacks. Once you finish the opener it gets much easier to play and maintain damage.

Difficulty 8/10

The hardest part of monk is the opener. It's awkward, there is a ton going on. You must change stances and go from Fire to Wind to build your 4th stack. Meanwhile depending on your comp your charka stacks may be pinging off the walls. It's a lot going on but once the opener is done and you are in the sustaining mode of dps this class gets much easier. Even though everything has a position tied to it, because of riddle of earth you can negate positions for 45s of every minute. I would take this all day long over dragoon. The hardest part of monk is maintaining your stacks during downtime. Even though you have things like Antman you still lose your stacks from time to time in a fight. Also with a death its a reset so if you die after using perfect balance you have to build your stacks the slow way. Which makes your recovery quite punishing. When you don't die this class is great but if you die you will find it quite difficult to recover quickly without suffering massive damage loss.

Raid Utility- 7/10

Monks bring brother hood to the table, but it only effects physical and its on a 90 second CD. So classes like GNB, Sam, and Ninja will only gain benefit every other use since their burst windows revolve around that one minute mark. It's better then nothing but considering comps you could literally have but one or two people who actually really benefit from this class.

Ninja is a complex job with a one minute burst window that brings strong dps and even stronger raid dps.

Damage 9/10

Since ninja's buff along with trick attack Ninja's RDPS now makes them 2nd in dps. Especially if your build your comp around classes that have one minute burst windows you could see massive damage increases to the overall party. It's important though ninja's announce trick attack and they stay on pace with their window and don't delay as it will either non benefit the party or delay the parties damage if they are holding burst windows around the ninja.

Difficulty 10/10

The class at its core is easy enough, however mudra's are sometimes clunky and every minute you must unload everything during its own trick window to maximize damage. Most people struggle to play this class at a strong level. Also the most important thing about ninja is not delaying trick whatsoever so everyone stays lined up. If people are missing your windows and your RDPS goes down you have lost your value you bring to the party.

Raid Utility 10/10

Everyone benefits from ninja, but a few classes greatly benefit from a ninja. You are and have been the most desired raid class for the last two expansions. Girl's drop panties at even the thought of you joining their static. You my friend are a God among men.

P.S Any ninja's looking for a raid group? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Anyways hope you find this info well. Stay salty lodestone.
Commentaires (7)

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

If we don’t count tanks as melee dps then my fav is ninja. Lots to do and it flows so well. Very useful and fast ^^

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Even I am not super skilled at it in anyway, I agree with Esper. Ninja is quite fun to play if you can handle all the button pushing constantly. ;p

Archangel Azrael

Moogle (Chaos)

Dragoon slow XD i resent that lol I've personally been quicker than most I've played with friends and roulettes. On top of that being over meld.. I've noticed level 80 dungeons go by WAY faster than usual in the past. Even the tanks major pulls die faster. With 4 jump moves used strategically grants me more speed than anything I've seen personally. Yeah rotation is easy.. which in turn gives me more capability to focus on other things like stunning enemies for the tank.

Raifur Almasyon

Spriggan (Chaos)

Well, only SAM here for me.
I meet some rather obnoxious matchups from time to time tho...
Like... E6. Why are people not taking away the other 2 tethers?
Leaving me dead for the entire fight, yeah, good job, that's what makes a SAM good and promotes improvement :x

Pan'da Express

Faerie (Aether)

@archangel when I say slow I’m directly referring to the GCD timer. All other melee have something that greatly reduces their GCD.

Pan'da Express

Faerie (Aether)

Also their CPM is slightly lower then all the other classes. Most hand around the 38-41 range. Dragoon is hair below that. So between the two its a bit slower, but it works that way because dragoon has double weaves so you don't want to run a fast GCD. It's better to be a the 2.45 range.

Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

You forgot for Dragoon:
Floortank Utility 11/10.
It helps to pay attention to the details. Otherwise, great piece.
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