R'hyleigh Hena

Adamantoise [Aether]

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Hyleigh stood, arms crossed, leaning against the kitchen counter. In one hand, she held the bottle of serum. She lifted it so she could look at the orange liquid. She tilted her head to the side. With her fingers, she swung the bottle from side-to-side in front of her face. She watched as the serum swished and spun in its bottle. She smiled slightly, though she didn’t feel very amused.

It’s a strange thing, this serum. I don’t believe any of it today. Or do I? I’m not sure. I know I shouldn’t—if I told anyone, they’d chastise me.

She closed one eye, squinted the other as she watched the liquid slow its movements. She sighed softly, pulled out the cork, and took a sip before placing the bottle behind her on the counter.

She thought she heard something today. It was faint, brief. And she wasn’t sure she could trust her memory. Maybe she was just looking for voices today. How had she had the patience to wait for his letters before? Not that she’d sent him much to work with this time… And it wasn’t like he’d had the time to respond.

But the letters from two years ago were too old. She thought she believed they were real, wanted them to be. But they were old. A man’s heart can change a lot in two years. She chuckled and shook her head, folding her arms again. She could make out some of the newer letters, but not enough. And she didn’t have many. So many letters from the past two years were just copies of public addresses he’d given. Sure, she hoped his words were directed toward her, but—she couldn’t be certain. Why would they be? They had been said for all to hear. The words were pretty, but she had more faith in the secret letters, the words that only she would see—even though so often she didn’t like what he said. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the cabinet. What did she believe?

She knew what she was supposed to believe, of course. She was supposed to believe that the Warrior of Light had never written her. She wasn’t supposed to pay attention to the words in these letters. The fact that she did was embarrassing.
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