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"Just got my first hair cut"

Adventure log 7: Black and Red

"As I was rummaging around the depths of hells very own circle of lust, or limsa lominsa as the inhabitance of this world calls it, I stumbled across some pink haired twink pressuring some small child with a pair of barber scissors.

At first I just wanted to walk away but seeing as the constant screaming was interrupting my, admittedly pretty shitty, meal I ultimate decided to go and save said child from a awkward conversation with her barber. One thing lead to another and I was tasked with running to the corners of the land just for a token of X value.

I gave up the tokens, bore witness to what was basically an attempted murder and got my hair dyed by the most fabulous homosexual this side of the sunlight. I'm obviously paraphrasing here because I'm just as confused as everything else but my point is.

Black on red hair.

My current outfit is heavily contrasting with my hair which is a bit agitating seeing as I lack the funds to get my hair redyed much less a new outfit...

Anyway I'm going to get back to my journeys. Later foreheads!

----connection terminated----
end of adventure log 7
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