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Still in Post-ARR; Playing Slow and Solo

Taking it slow

I permanently deleted my old character this summer and started completely fresh. There's some seasonal stuff I'll never get back, but it's just a bunch of tacky glamour for the most part.

Came back to game in July 2022 and I paused MSQ after completing 2.0. Haven't started post-ARR yet.

I made the mistake of mentioning it off-handedly in some discords and an FC I was trying out. I'm not sure why some people get so bothered about a player setting MSQ aside. But I digress.

I have 4 out of 5 of the beast tribes completed. I have Blue mage questline complete and nearly every spell that's accessible learned.

Grinded a grade 9 perfect racing chocobo. My companion chocobo is rank 12 and growing.

Crafter classes are about 40-ish all together, gatherers are level 50.

Got all the moogle postmaster questline and the Hildebrande ARR questline done.

This is turning out to be such a better experience than my original character. No rushing. When I start HW, I won't have a backlog of ARR content nagging in the back of my mind.

As I finish the last beast tribe quest, I think all that's left is to sweep through each zone and clear out all the ARR yellow side quests and see what other secrets are hiding.

Also gotta finish the scholar zodiac weapon ... bleh. Can probably finish in a day or two if I crank it out.

I quit with the FC search for now

I don't know if I'm cut out for gaming communities anymore. I quit my 2nd FC yesterday.

Tried a real big one. I just can't stand offering any of my time to dealing with jerks. Interactions that are anything less than neutral-positive and lingering in my head for 24-48 hours and taints the rest of the experience.

Tried a small FC. I tried to contribute to the actual BUILDING an FC / guild as little as possible. I'm so burnt out on trying to help start-up guilds, I thought maybe if I just focus on being an active member rather than pitch in directly it wouldn't be so bad.

But for one reason or another, it still just wore on me negatively.

So ... gonna try maintaining a friends list and remaining FC-less until my mood improves. Nobody wants an overly-sensitive person in their FC, and I need to reserve my energy for self-reflection for a while.

On the bright side, I discovered last night that those social invitations in Party Finder for club / RP is actually a really nice escape.

I haven't RP'd in years, and even more years since I actually ENJOYED role playing. I don't know if I want to seek being a regular in an RP group, or if I enjoy more just being a stranger to a new group every night.

Kind of like 'exploring the city streets' like I used to do when I was living abroad, but in a fantasy world instead.

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